Activision's Nintendo Switch 2 Surprise
Activision's Nintendo Switch 2 Surprise

Activision and Nintendo Are Planning Something for the Next-Gen Switch!

In the dynamic realm of gaming, the industry often witnesses revelations that send ripples of excitement throughout its community. Today, we unveil one such gem—a clandestine alliance that brings together gaming behemoth Activision and the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2.

This article embarks on an expedition to unearth the thrilling details of this collaboration and the implications it holds for gamers worldwide.

Activision and Nintendo’s Discussion

In a rendezvous shrouded in secrecy, high-ranking officials from Activision, including the formidable CEO Bobby Kotick, convened with their Nintendo counterparts in December 2022.

Their clandestine agenda? Deliberating upon the enigmatic “next-gen” Nintendo Switch, cryptically referred to as “Switch NG.” Although the specifics of this rendezvous remain obscured, an exchange of internal emails offers a tantalizing peek behind the curtain.

On Par with PS4 and Xbox One

Within the contours of a redacted email exchange lies a revelation—a performance level for the impending Switch that could rival the benchmarks set by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With its proximity to these Gen8 platforms, the intriguing prospect of bringing beloved franchises like Call of Duty to the nascent Nintendo console took center stage. Chris Schnakenberg, the maestro behind Activision’s platform strategy and partner relations, articulated the necessity of securing early access to developmental hardware prototypes.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release

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The FTC Inquiry: Unmasking Activision’s Aspirations

The disclosure of this clandestine parley did not escape the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) v. Microsoft lawsuit. Bobby Kotick, the charismatic helmsman of Activision, found himself in the hot seat during the proceedings.

He bemoaned the missed opportunity of not gracing the existing Switch with Call of Duty. However, the plot thickened when it was divulged that Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard could be the catalyst for a future Call of Duty installment on an upcoming Nintendo console.

Inquisitive FTC: Prying for Clarity

The FTC’s legal eagles and the astute Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley embarked on a quest for clarity. Kotick’s responses unveiled a ray of hope, a willingness to collaborate with Nintendo once the intricate specifications of the next-gen Switch materialized. While no concrete plans were laid bare, the tantalizing prospect of Call of Duty on a Nintendo console lingered in the air.

Nintendo’s Tactical Maneuver

Nintendo, it seems, has been orchestrating a strategic ballet, subtly preparing pivotal publishers like Activision for the impending launch of the next-gen Switch. Whispers in the gaming corridors suggest a 2024 release, promising a few intriguing alterations. These include a shift to an LCD screen from OLED, while retaining the trusty cartridge slots for physical game media.

Sneak Peeks at Gamescom

In recent days, insider reports have surfaced indicating that select developers were treated to a sneak peek of the Nintendo Switch 2 during Gamescom in August. These fortunate souls were privy to tech demonstrations that showcased the capabilities of the console.

This included an enhanced rendition of the beloved Zelda: Breath of the Wild, expertly tailored to harness the advanced hardware concealed within the Nintendo Switch 2.

Epic Games’ Grand Showcase

Furthermore, Nintendo dazzled its audience with the showcase of Epic Games’ The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 tech demo—an event that elevated expectations even higher.

The utilization of Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology coupled with ray tracing hints at the next Switch’s potential to accommodate the latest blockbuster games.

As the puzzle pieces of this intricate narrative fall into place, the gaming universe readies itself for a new chapter. The covert meeting between Activision and Nintendo has unveiled the potential for a spectacular partnership.

Gamers across the globe await further revelations about the Nintendo Switch 2, nurturing dreams of iconic titles like Call of Duty gracing the platform. With the anticipated launch in 2024, the countdown to this remarkable moment in gaming history has well and truly commenced.

Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the captivating developments in the gaming cosmos. The alliance between Activision and the Nintendo Switch 2 is a tale destined to shape the future of gaming—a story worth following with bated breath.

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