Amazon introduces passwordless login with passkeys
Amazon introduces passwordless login with passkeys

Passkeys: Amazon’s New Way to Sign In Safely and Seamlessly

Tired of juggling a gazillion passwords for your online accounts? Well, Amazon has just made your cyber life a whole lot easier! The e-commerce giant is now introducing “passkeys” to help you breeze through the login process without the headache of passwords.

Imagine never having to fret about forgetting your password again. Amazon is bringing the magic of passkeys to your digital doorstep. In a recent announcement, Amazon unveiled its latest security feature, extending passkey support to customers using web browsers. If you’re an iOS user, you’re in luck because the Amazon Shopping app for Apple devices is already on board with passkeys. And for Android users, stay tuned, because passkey support is headed your way soon!

So, what exactly are passkeys, and how do they make your online experience more delightful? Passkeys are your digital keys to enter the kingdom of your Amazon account, and you can use the same unlocking methods you employ for your device. Whether it’s your fingerprint, a quick face scan, or your trusty lock screen PIN, these methods will now grant you access to your Amazon world. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about beefing up security too.

Amazon passwordless login with passkeys

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You see, passkeys are like a fortress protecting your account from the dragons of the digital realm. They’re much safer than traditional passwords because they’re less vulnerable to phishing attacks, and they make sure you don’t accidentally share your login credentials with any online villains.

Dave Treadwell, the senior vice president of e-commerce at Amazon, sums it up nicely: “This is about giving customers ease-of-use and security simultaneously in their Amazon experience.”

Ready to embrace the world of passkeys on Amazon? It’s a cinch! Just follow these simple steps: Click on “Your Account,” then head to “Login & Security,” and next to “Passkeys,” you’ll find the “Set up” option. Click it, and you’ll receive step-by-step instructions to complete the setup. It’s like unlocking a hidden treasure chest of convenience and security.

And Amazon isn’t alone in this endeavor. Other tech bigwigs, like Safari, Adobe, Google, PayPal, TikTok, Kayak, and GitHub, have already joined the passkey party, making your online journey smoother and safer. So, say goodbye to password hassles and welcome the era of passkeys, where convenience and security go hand in hand, making your Amazon experience all the more enjoyable!

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