Anker's MagGo and Qi2 Chargers Redefine Speed
Anker's MagGo and Qi2 Chargers Redefine Speed

Anker’s MagGo and Qi2 Chargers Break the Speed Barrier

Get ready for some exciting charging innovations from Anker! They’ve just unveiled their latest line of mobile power gadgets, and there’s a lot to be thrilled about. Imagine wireless chargers that might just juice up your iPhones as quickly as Apple’s MagSafe – that’s the buzz with Anker’s new MagGo magnetic chargers, stations, and power banks.

The buzz is that these new MagGo chargers might rival MagSafe’s speed, especially with the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup. While Apple hasn’t officially spilled the beans on this yet, we might see some 15W charging speeds without needing Apple’s MagSafe seal of approval. But hey, we’ll have to wait and see if other manufacturers jump on the bandwagon too, like the Pixel 8 series.

So, what’s all the fuss about Qi2 support? Well, it’s the next generation of wireless charging, and it involves a clever circular magnet design inspired by Apple’s MagSafe. Anker’s earlier MagGo stuff was “MagSafe-compatible,” which was cool but limited iPhones to 7.5-watt charging. With this new Qi2 MagGo gear, we’re talking a potential 15-watt charge – that’s double the speed! Think about it – less waiting, more using.

Picture this: Anker’s new Qi2-updated MagGo Power Bank. Not only does it have a handy kickstand, but it also rocks a USB-C port that can charge other gadgets at up to 27W. And guess what? It even sports an LCD screen that tells you all about its 10,000mAh battery’s status. Oh, did I mention it comes in a bunch of cool colors? Plus, there’s a 6,600mAh Power Bank with a sturdy stand that’s just perfect for that StandBy mode in iOS 17.

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Now, for those of us who love multitasking chargers, Anker’s got our back. They’re launching three MagGo Wireless Charging stations that can power up your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once! One looks like a cute little tree arrangement, perfect for your nightstand. Another lines up your gadgets side-by-side and can fold flat. And the third? It’s like a clamshell – super convenient if you ask me.

Hold on, there’s more! The 67W MagGo Magnetic Charging Station is a real powerhouse. It’s like a Swiss army knife for charging. On the front, it can wirelessly charge at up to 15W on its magnetic pad. And on the back? Get this – three AC ports, two USB-C ports, and two USB-A ports. It’s like the ultimate charging hub.

But that’s not all. Anker’s not just stopping at Qi2 chargers. They’ve got a slick-looking Nano USB-C charger with 22.5W power – great news for anyone eyeing the future iPhone 15 with USB-C. And remember those cool AC port chargers? Anker’s got a smaller version now, the Nano Charging Station. It’s got two USB-C and two USB-A ports, all supporting up to 67W charging.

Just a while back, Anker unleashed some seriously powerful chargers and batteries for the road warriors out there. And now, they’re at it again with the MagGo series, along with the awesome Nano chargers. These new chargers are expected to hit the market by the end of 2023, while the Nano series is available for grabs right now.

So, if you’re into high-tech charging that’s not just practical but also seriously cool, keep an eye out for Anker’s latest offerings. Who knew charging could be this exciting?

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