Apple's AI Push What's New in iOS 18
Apple's AI Push What's New in iOS 18

Apple’s AI Features: What’s in Store for iOS 18, Siri, and More?

Apple is on a mission to level up its game in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the tech giant has recently felt a bit behind the curve when it comes to AI, thanks to the unexpected surge in generative AI tools this year. But fear not, Apple enthusiasts, because the company is now dedicating serious resources to catch up and integrate AI-powered features into its products and services.

Leading this charge are some heavy hitters in Apple’s executive team, including Craig Federighi, John Giannandrea, and Eddy Cue. They’re all in the driver’s seat, determined to bring AI magic to the Apple ecosystem. So, what can we expect?

Well, for starters, iOS 18 is going to be smarter than ever. Expect to see nifty AI-powered reply suggestions in your Messages, making your conversations feel more intuitive and natural. Eddy Cue, the man behind Apple Music, is pushing for AI-generated playlists. Imagine your music app creating playlists tailored to your tastes effortlessly. Furthermore, productivity apps like Pages and Keynote might get a boost from generative AI, making them more user-friendly and efficient.

If Siri’s limitations have been a thorn in your side, worry not. John Giannandrea and his team are hard at work on a smarter version of Siri, poised to make its debut soon. This new and improved Siri promises to be more responsive and helpful, which is music to the ears of Apple users.

Apple has recognized the importance of integrating AI into its end-user features. The company is determined to keep up with AI powerhouses like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. To do so, Apple is earmarking a substantial budget of around $1 billion annually for AI research and product development.

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But it’s not just about consumer-facing features; Apple wants to enhance the developer experience too. They’re exploring ways to incorporate AI into Xcode, which is music to the ears of app developers. Imagine having advanced code completion features akin to GitHub Copilot at your fingertips, making the coding process smoother and more efficient.

And if you’ve ever had to deal with AppleCare, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple is looking into using artificial intelligence to streamline its internal tools. This could mean faster and more efficient support for Apple users.

However, there’s some internal debate at Apple about whether to use AI neural network models that run on your device or rely on their cloud services. Running on-device is more private, but using server farms in the cloud can unlock more advanced capabilities. According to Gurman, Apple will likely make these decisions on a case-by-case basis. Some features will be kept securely on your device, while others will tap into the power of the cloud.

In a nutshell, Apple is fully committed to bringing AI into every aspect of your Apple experience. From smarter iOS features and AI-generated playlists to more responsive Siri and enhanced developer tools, Apple is ready to embrace AI to stay at the forefront of innovation. With a billion dollars annually dedicated to AI, they’re leaving no stone unturned to make your Apple experience even better.

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