Apple Bug Stops Screen Time Limits for Kids
Apple Bug Stops Screen Time Limits for Kids

Persistent Bug Disrupts Screen Time Limits for Children on Apple Devices

Parents who rely on Apple’s Family Sharing system to enforce screen time limits for their children have recently encountered a troubling bug. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the bug has been preventing certain Screen Time limits from sticking correctly for months.

While Apple had promised to fix the issue in May, it appears that the problem persists, leaving parents frustrated and concerned about their kids’ excessive device usage.

Understanding Apple’s Family-Sharing System

Apple’s Family Sharing system is designed to empower parents with greater control over their children’s device usage. Through this feature, parents can establish usage limits on their kids’ devices, including the ability to monitor and restrict access to specific apps and the device as a whole.

One crucial element of this system is “Screen Time,” which allows parents to define time limits and downtime periods for their children’s devices.

The Troubling Bug

The Wall Street Journal’s investigation revealed a specific glitch within the system, particularly affecting the “Downtime” setting. Downtime is intended to block access to the entire device during specified periods, ensuring that children do not overindulge in screen time.

However, the bug has caused this setting to fail consistently, leading to instances where parents had to set Downtime limits multiple times before they would save correctly. Consequently, children might have unintentionally gained additional access to their devices, defying their parents’ desired restrictions.

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Apple’s Response

Upon being notified of the issue by the Wall Street Journal, Apple acknowledged the presence of the bug and assured its users that the matter is being addressed. The tech giant stated that they are actively working on finding a solution, although they refrained from providing a specific timeline for the fix.

In their statement, Apple emphasized the seriousness of the situation and conveyed their commitment to improving the overall experience for Family Sharing users.

Parental Concerns

The revelation of this bug has sparked concerns among parents who rely on Apple’s Family Sharing system to maintain healthy screen time habits for their children. With the glitch undermining the effectiveness of the Downtime setting, parents are worried that their children might be exposed to excessive screen time, impacting their studies, sleep patterns, and overall well-being.

Potential Impact on Children

Extended screen time has been linked to various negative effects on children, including reduced physical activity, impaired social skills, and potential cognitive development issues. With the bug hindering parents’ ability to enforce responsible device usage, children might inadvertently spend more time on their devices than intended, potentially exacerbating these concerns.


As the bug affecting Screen Time limits on Apple devices persists, parents are eagerly awaiting the promised solution from the tech giant. Apple’s Family Sharing system has long been a valuable tool for parents seeking to strike a balance between technology and family life. However, the current bug’s persistence calls for urgent remediation to restore parents’ confidence in the system’s efficacy. Until then, parents are advised to remain vigilant and explore alternative ways to manage their children’s device usage effectively.

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