Apple iPhone from 2007 sells for $190K at auction
Apple iPhone from 2007 sells for $190K at auction

Rare, Factory-Sealed First-Generation iPhone Fetches Astonishing Price at Auction

A remarkable piece of tech history recently made headlines as a pristine, factory-sealed first-generation 4GB iPhone sold at auction for an astounding price of over $190,000. This remarkable sale, which attracted numerous bids over a two-week period, demonstrated the enduring allure of vintage Apple products among collectors.

The iPhone’s significance as a groundbreaking device, combined with its unopened status, contributed to the staggering final bid, making it a remarkable investment for the seller. Launched in 2007, the initial iPhones were available in 4GB and 8GB variants, boasting a significantly smaller storage capacity compared to later models.

Despite some drawbacks such as limited storage and an exclusive partnership with AT&T in the US, the iPhone proved to be a resounding success, propelling Apple to prominence in the burgeoning smartphone industry. Although subsequent iPhone generations incorporated technologies from other companies, the first-generation iPhones remained highly sought-after by collectors.

Record-Breaking Auction

Apple iPhone 2007 sells for $190K at auction

The recent auction, hosted by LCG Auctions from June 30 to July 16, saw an impressive bidding war for the sealed 4GB iPhone. With a final bid of $158,644, the total amount paid, $190,372.80, set a new benchmark for the value of vintage iPhones. Interestingly, the seller was reportedly a member of Apple’s engineering team during the iPhone’s launch in 2007, adding intrigue and enhancing the item’s appeal among bidders.

Rising Value and Market Demand – This successful auction builds upon a growing trend of sealed iPhones commanding premium prices in the collector’s market. In February, an 8GB first-generation iPhone sold for a significantly lower price than the recent 4GB model, highlighting the escalating demand for these artifacts.

The history and provenance associated with these devices contribute to their allure and justify the exorbitant prices they fetch. While contemporary iPhones boast far superior technological capabilities compared to their first-generation counterparts, the allure of sealed, vintage iPhones persists.

Do you know that Apple’s recent unveiling of the Vision Pro headset marks a huge milestone for the company, and it appears to be just the beginning? Sources report that Apple’s foray into virtual reality has resulted in the formation of a product-focused division within the company:

It remains to be seen if future auctions will surpass the staggering $190,000 price tag set by this recent sale. Regardless, the enduring appeal of these iconic devices stands as a testament to Apple’s revolutionary impact on the smartphone industry and the timeless fascination surrounding their earliest creations.


The sale of a sealed, first-generation 4GB iPhone at an astronomical price showcases the unwavering fascination and demand for vintage Apple products among collectors. The combination of historical significance, rarity, and unopened condition contributed to the record-breaking auction result.

As technology evolves, these artifacts serve as a reminder of the groundbreaking impact that Apple’s pioneering iPhone had on the world of smartphones.

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