Apple Unveils Vision Pro A Glimpse into Apple's Visionary Future in VR
Apple Unveils Vision Pro A Glimpse into Apple's Visionary Future in VR

Apple Vision Pro Unveiled as First of Many Vision Products – What We Know

The recent reveal of the Apple Vision Pro headset marks a significant milestone for Apple, and it appears to be just the beginning. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s foray into VR has led to the creation of a product-centric division within the company.

The newly formed Vision Products Group (VPG) signifies Apple’s commitment to developing a range of “Vision products,” suggesting that the Vision Pro headset won’t be an isolated offering. This departure from Apple’s traditional functional hierarchy demonstrates the company’s dedication to expanding its presence in the mixed reality space.

Apple Vision Pro

Formation of the Vision Products Group

Apple’s corporate structure has typically been function-centric, with teams working across different product lines. However, for the Apple Vision Pro, Apple has established the Vision Products Group (VPG) as a standalone division.

The VPG operates outside the traditional hierarchy, with dedicated teams focusing on strategy, computer vision, content, app development, and project management. This structural shift indicates Apple’s intention to develop a series of products under the “Vision” umbrella, showcasing a departure from its usual approach.

Future Prospects and the Apple Vision One

According to reports, the VPG’s existence and purpose hint at future releases beyond the initial headset. While a cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro is projected for 2025 or 2026, Gurman suggests that it may bear a different name, possibly “Apple Vision” or “Apple Vision One.”

This more affordable headset is expected to feature some hardware downgrades, including reductions in sensors, processors, built-in speakers, and displays. These adjustments are likely aimed at making the headset accessible to a broader audience, considering the current high price point of the Vision Pro.

The Path to Affordability

Apple’s Vision Pro headset comes with a hefty price tag of $3,500 and considerable manufacturing costs. To cater to a wider consumer base, Apple’s VPG will need to make significant changes in terms of cost reduction. By making strategic downgrades in hardware components, Apple aims to strike a balance between price and functionality.

With competition from more affordable options like the Meta Quest 3 priced at $499, Apple’s focus on affordability will be crucial for the success of future Vision products.


Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro headset not only marks its entry into the VR space but also signifies the establishment of a dedicated product-centric division, the Vision Products Group (VPG). This move demonstrates Apple’s commitment to expanding its range of Vision products beyond the initial headset.

While a more affordable version is expected in the future, the VPG’s challenge lies in striking a balance between cost reduction and maintaining a compelling user experience. As Apple continues to invest in the Vision lineup, consumers can anticipate further advancements and innovations in the exciting realm of mixed reality.

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