Brandon Hunter's AI-Generated Obituary Controversy
Brandon Hunter's AI-Generated Obituary Controversy

AI-Generated Article on Brandon Hunter’s Passing Raises Ethical Questions

A recent article about the passing of former NBA player Brandon Hunter caused quite a stir when it was published on MSN. The headline, which referred to him as “useless,” drew immediate criticism. Many suspect that this controversial article may have been generated by artificial intelligence, although Microsoft, the owner of MSN, has not officially confirmed this.

The article, attributed to an “Editor,” was titled “Brandon Hunter Useless at 42.” Apart from the offensive headline, the article itself was riddled with nonsensical content and numerous grammatical errors.

The initial sentence stated that “Former NBA participant Brandon Hunter, who beforehand performed for the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, has handed away on the age of 42, as introduced by Ohio males’s basketball coach Jeff Boals on Tuesday.” Unfortunately, this sentence was marred by spelling mistakes and awkward phrasing, such as referring to Hunter as a “extremely regarded highschool” basketball player.

Brandon Hunter's AI-Generated Obituary

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Furthermore, the article inaccurately claimed that Hunter had played in “67 video games” across two seasons and achieved a “career-high of 17 factors in a recreation in opposition to the Milwaukee Bucks.” In reality, Hunter tragically collapsed at the end of a hot yoga session, as confirmed by those close to him.

Brandon Hunter’s basketball journey included being drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2003 and subsequently playing for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He later joined various European teams before retiring from the sport in 2013.

A spokesperson from Microsoft responded to the controversy, stating –

“The accuracy of the content we publish from our partners is important to us, and we continue to enhance our systems to identify and prevent inaccurate information from appearing on our channels. The story in question has been removed.”

This unfortunate incident is a reminder of the challenges that can arise when relying on artificial intelligence to generate content, especially when it involves sensitive topics. It also follows a trend in recent years where AI has been used to replace human curators and editors in news curation, as reported in 2020 when over two dozen MSN news homepage staff members were laid off.

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