Can Windows 11 Be Installed on iPad
Can Windows 11 Be Installed on iPad

Can Windows 11 Be Installed on iPad? Analyzing the Options Available!

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, the boundary between tablets and laptops has blurred significantly. While iPad Pro and Windows tablets like the Surface Pro 9 offer distinct advantages, the quest for a unified experience continues.

In this guide, we’ll delve into how you can harness the best of both worlds by remotely running Windows 11 on your iPad. Although this won’t entail a native installation, it opens up exciting possibilities for seamless integration between these two platforms.

The Hybrid Solution: Running Windows 11 on an iPad

The gap between iPadOS and Windows 11 has never been smaller, yet differences persist. What if you could merge these distinct ecosystems and run Windows on your iPad? Although not a direct replacement, you can access Windows remotely on your iPad through ingenious methods, catering to both existing Windows PC owners and those new to the Windows experience.

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Method 1: Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows 11

For most users, the path of least resistance to running Windows 11 on an iPad involves utilizing the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. This method facilitates streaming your existing Windows 11 PC to your iPad, enabling seamless interaction over the internet. However, please note that this feature is exclusive to Windows 11 Pro.

Preparation and Configuration:

  • Install the Remote Desktop Mobile app on your iPad.
  • Ensure your Windows 11 PC is connected to the internet and powered on.
  • Navigate to Windows 11 Settings and select System, followed by Remote Desktop. Enable Remote Desktop and take note of your PC’s name.

Connecting the Dots:

  • Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your iPad, ensuring it’s on the same Wi-Fi network as your PC.
  • Click the “+” icon and choose “Add PC.”
  • Enter your PC’s name and add your user account credentials.
  • Assign a friendly name to your PC and proceed to save your settings.
  • Configure sound and other toggles as desired.
  • Choose your PC icon from the list to initiate the remote session.

Bear in mind that this is a remote session, so occasional input lag might be encountered based on your internet connection. However, it facilitates routine tasks like web browsing effectively.

Method 2: Windows 365 Cloud PC for Seamless Accessibility

If you lack a Windows PC but aspire to experience Windows 11 on your iPad, Windows 365 is your solution. Designed as an enterprise cloud PC streaming service, it’s equally suitable for individual users. It requires signing up, and the initial month is free. Subsequently, you can opt for a subscription starting at $32 per month, based on your chosen virtual PC configuration.

Getting Started:

  • Visit the Windows 365 sign-up page from another device and choose a suitable plan.
  • Opt for the “Buy Now” option and create a new Microsoft 365 business account.
  • Complete the account setup and add a payment method (no charges for the first month).

Accessing Windows 365 on Your iPad:

  • Visit on another device and download the Remote Desktop Mobile app.
  • Add the provided subscription URL under “Add Workspace” within the app.
  • Your cloud PC will appear under Workspaces, select it to launch. This virtual PC functions akin to a regular Windows system, adapting smoothly to your iPad’s screen resolution.

Recently, Microsoft introduced Aptos as the new default font for Office 365, which signified an exciting aesthetic shift. After years of user feedback, the software giant commissioned five new custom fonts for Office in 2021, and Aptos was selected as the default.

Exploring Further Options

While the methods mentioned above offer simplicity and reliability, there exist more technical avenues for running Windows 11 on your iPad. These involve utilizing a hypervisor and obtaining Windows on ARM, specifically for devices like the Arm-based M1 chip.

However, due to their complexity and potential risks to your iPad, they are not recommended for casual users. Sticking to the aforementioned methods ensures a safer and smoother experience.


As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways in which we interact with it. Running Windows 11 on an iPad, albeit remotely, epitomizes the synergy achievable across platforms.

Whether it’s the convenience of Microsoft Remote Desktop or the versatility of Windows 365, the choice ultimately hinges on your preferences and needs. This integration showcases the seamless coexistence of two distinct ecosystems, promising productivity and exploration beyond boundaries.

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