FCC approves use of 6GHz band for wireless devices
FCC approves use of 6GHz band for wireless devices

FCC Supercharges AR and VR with Lightning-Fast Wi-Fi Tethering Approval

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has given the green light for some amazing developments in technology. They unanimously agreed to let tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Meta use a special portion of the wireless spectrum, known as the 6GHz band, for some really cool innovations.

This means they can now create superfast Wi-Fi connections for devices like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets. Imagine having a wireless connection that’s so fast, it can make your AR and VR experiences even more mind-blowing!

The FCC’s Chair, Jessica Rosenworcel, introduced these new rules to make it all happen. They’re allowing something called “very low power” operations, which means these signals won’t travel very far. However, they’re also making sure these devices can use higher power levels as long as they’re contained within specific areas (geofenced) to avoid causing interference with other 6GHz users.

But it doesn’t stop there. The FCC is also asking for feedback on other ways to make even more of the 6GHz spectrum available for technology devices. This means there could be even more fantastic innovations on the horizon!

VR Headset

Do you know that the arrival of a new iOS version is something that many people in the tech community eagerly anticipate? After a month of beta testing, iOS 17.1 is now available:

Before this decision, the FCC had already set aside a good chunk of the 6GHz spectrum for unlicensed use by Wi-Fi routers and devices like smartphones and laptops. This allowed for faster and more reliable home networks. Now, with this new approval, there’s even more of this valuable spectrum up for grabs.

So, what’s in it for these tech giants? Well, companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Meta had asked the FCC back in 2019 to give them access to the 6GHz band. This decision opens up a world of possibilities. Think in-car connections, super immersive AR and VR gadgets, and who knows what else they might come up with!

Both Apple and Google have been working on AR glasses, and this extra spectrum will give them more room to play with, potentially making their projects even better. Meta, which has already released smart glasses, can also benefit from this decision, as it paves the way for new and exciting technologies.

Kevin Martin, the VP of North American policy at Meta, praised the FCC’s decision, saying it’s a fantastic example of the government working hand in hand with the tech industry to create an exciting future. This means we can look forward to even more amazing developments in the world of technology!

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