Gboard for Android gets a Scan Text OCR tool
Gboard for Android gets a Scan Text OCR tool

Gboard for Android Gets a Scan Text OCR Tool: A New Way to Capture Text

In a world where smartphone keyboards are becoming increasingly versatile, Google is stepping up its game with an exciting addition to Gboard for Android. The latest buzz in town is the introduction of a built-in tool that allows you to “Scan Text” using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This innovation promises to make your mobile text scanning experience a breeze, offering a quicker and more convenient way to capture text from the real world.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this fantastic feature, let’s clarify what OCR is. Optical Character Recognition is a technology that enables your device to recognize and convert printed or handwritten text into digital characters. Essentially, it turns your smartphone into a portable scanner, which can be incredibly handy in various situations.

How Does Gboard’s Scan Text OCR Tool Work?

The “Scan Text” tool is seamlessly integrated into Gboard for Android, right alongside other useful features like Translate and Proofread. To get started, you’ll need to grant Gboard access to your device’s camera, allowing it to transform your phone into a text-capturing powerhouse.

Once you’ve given the green light, a viewfinder square takes over the lower half of your screen. This is your gateway to capturing text. Simply press the capture button, and your camera becomes a powerful text scanner. You can snap a photo of the text you want to capture, and then the magic happens.

Gboard will highlight the recognized text from the photo, making it easy for you to select what you need. Tapping on the highlighted text automatically selects an entire line, but you have the freedom to fine-tune your selection. A convenient bottom sheet appears, complete with an “Insert” button, ensuring that your cursor position remains exactly where you want it.

The Scan Text tool doesn’t disappear after you’ve inserted something; it stays on your screen, allowing you to make multiple selections in one go. This smooth and straightforward functionality promises to save you valuable time and make your text-scanning experience much more efficient.

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The Advantages of Gboard’s Scan Text OCR Tool

One of the key advantages of Gboard’s Scan Text OCR tool is its speed and convenience. No more need to open external apps like Google Lens when you can have this powerful feature at your fingertips within Gboard. You can even place the Scan Text shortcut on your shortcuts row to preserve your context, making it even quicker to access.

However, it’s worth noting that using a viewfinder on your screen alongside another app might be a bit distracting, as it essentially splits your screen. While there are advantages to having a full-screen user interface, the Gboard Scan Text tool ensures a smoother and faster workflow, all while saving you from the hassle of having to manage and store scanned images.

From our initial usage, it seems that the OCR quality and accuracy are on par with other Google products, which means you can trust Gboard to deliver reliable results. Currently, the Scan Text feature is available in the latest beta version (13.6) of Gboard for Android but has not yet been rolled out to the wider audience. We can only hope that Google will release it to all users soon.

In conclusion, Gboard for Android’s Scan Text OCR tool promises to be a game-changer, making text scanning and capturing an effortless task. With its integration into Gboard, Google is further enhancing the user experience, offering a swift and efficient way to interact with the physical world through your device.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this exciting feature could soon become an indispensable tool for your Android keyboard. Don’t miss out on the convenience it brings – keep an eye out for Gboard updates and experience the future of text scanning for yourself!

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