Google Abandons Pixel Watch Repairs
Google Abandons Pixel Watch Repairs

Google Won’t Help You Fix Your Broken Pixel Watch – Here’s Why!

Unlike Apple, Google does not provide a way to fix a broken Pixel Watch. In a recent statement, Google spokesperson Bridget Starkey confirmed that there are no official repair options available for the Pixel Watch. So, if your Pixel Watch gets damaged, your only recourse is to contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team and explore replacement options. It’s worth noting that Google does not operate any repair or service centers specifically for the Pixel Watch.

This is quite different from Google’s approach with its Pixel phones, where they collaborate with iFixit to ensure that users have access to spare parts and repair guides, making it possible for consumers to fix their phones themselves. In fact, there’s an independent iFixit guide available that explains how to replace the Pixel Watch screen. However, finding the necessary replacement parts can be a real challenge, especially since the Pixel Watch has not achieved the same level of popularity as its mainstream competitor, the Apple Watch.

Google Pixel Watch 2

Did you hear about the most recent information about the iPhone 15 Pro? Apple has quietly changed the design of the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, and now the iPhone 15 Pro in a way that makes repairs easy and cheaper. The back glass is now removable, which is a big deal for anyone who has ever had to fix an iPhone:

In contrast, Apple offers repair solutions for the Apple Watch, albeit at varying costs depending on whether you have AppleCare+ or not. For Apple Watch owners without AppleCare+, the repair estimate is a flat $299 for an Apple Watch Series 8 and $499 for an Apple Watch Ultra. With AppleCare+, the cost drops significantly to just $69 for the Apple Watch Series 8 and $79 for the Apple Watch Ultra, not including the initial cost of AppleCare.

One key issue with the Pixel Watch is that its screen is quite vulnerable due to its design, which features a large glass dome that can easily crack upon impact. Unfortunately, Google’s hardware warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents like drops or impacts. This leaves Pixel Watch users with limited options, often requiring them to replace the entire device with a new one. Interestingly, rumors suggest that the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 will have a design that closely resembles its predecessor, potentially retaining the same vulnerability.

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