Chromebooks to Receive 10 Years of Updates
Chromebooks to Receive 10 Years of Updates

Google Boosts Chromebooks: 10 Years of Automatic Updates Coming Soon!

Exciting news for Chromebook users! Google is extending the lifespan of these nifty devices with some major updates. Starting from 2024, your ChromeOS gadget will be eligible for automatic security updates for a whopping 10 years after its release. That’s two extra years of protection!

Previously, Google promised eight years of automatic updates, but that countdown started when they certified the Chromebook, not when you actually got your hands on it. Schools and businesses often got only around four to five years of real use out of them because of all the setup and deployment time.

Now, thanks to this change, even if you’ve got a Chromebook from 2021 or later, you’re in for those full 10 years of updates. And for those with older models, don’t worry – you’ll have the choice to switch on this extended update goodness.

Google's Security Pilot Program

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Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s not just about tech – it’s also about the environment and saving you some hard-earned cash. A recent report named “Chromebook Churn” pointed out how ChromeOS in education could benefit from a longer device lifespan. It estimated that even adding just two more years could save taxpayers a whopping $1.8 billion. Plus, it’s a win for the environment by reducing electronic waste.

But wait, there’s more! Google’s not stopping at just updates. They’re improving their Chromebook repair program too. Technicians can now fix software issues without needing a physical USB key, making repairs more than 50% faster. So, you can get back to browsing and working in no time.

And that’s not all, folks. Google’s got plans to enhance energy efficiency in the coming months. Adaptive charging is on the way to keep your battery healthier for longer, and a brand-new Energy Saver mode is in the works.

So, get ready for your Chromebook to stay relevant and secure for longer, save some money, and do your bit for the environment – all thanks to these fantastic updates from Google!

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