Google Drive missing files issue
Google Drive missing files issue

Recovering Lost Files on Google Drive: A Simple Guide to Overcoming the Recent Glitch

In recent times, Google Drive users have been facing a nightmare scenario—losing months’ worth of files from their computers. The frustration is real, and the impact on users who trust Google Drive to keep their files safe and synced is undeniable.

Fortunately, Google has rolled out some potential fixes to address this issue, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Understanding the Problem

The problem seems to be centered around desktop users on version 84 who experienced difficulties accessing local files that hadn’t yet been synced to Google Drive. It’s a relief that Google has acknowledged the issue and provided some solutions, though they may not be foolproof.

Google’s Proposed Fixes

The first method involves updating Google Drive to the latest version and running the recovery tool. Simply open Drive for desktop, select the app icon, hold the Shift key, and choose “Recover from backups.” If successful, a new folder with your unsynced files will appear on your desktop.

If the first method doesn’t work due to insufficient disk space, the second method suggests running the recovery process on a different drive with more space. This involves using the command line, which might be a bit advanced for some users. Nevertheless, downloading the latest version of Drive for desktop is the first step, followed by executing specific commands in the command prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS).

There’s also an alternative method—recovering from a backup. This may come in handy if you previously disconnected your account or removed the Google Drive cache from your machine. However, this technique requires a Windows or Time Machine backup.

Google Drive missing files issue solution

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What if None of the Fixes Work?

If, despite your best efforts, you still can’t recover your files, don’t lose hope. You can submit feedback through the Google Drive app, using the hashtag #DFD84 and including diagnostic logs. This step is crucial as it helps Google understand the extent of the problem and work towards a more permanent solution.

The frustration of losing files, seemingly out of the blue, is a sentiment shared by many Google Drive users. It’s disheartening to have files disappear without a trace, and the entire purpose of using the app—to keep files safely synced—is compromised.


While Google’s proposed fixes offer hope for recovering lost files, the bigger question remains: will they prevent files from being deleted in the first place? Only time will tell. In the meantime, users affected by this issue can take solace in the fact that Google is actively working on solutions.

For now, follow the steps provided, submit feedback, and let’s hope for a more permanent fix in the coming weeks. Remember, the key is to stay informed, update your Google Drive regularly, and be proactive in securing your valuable files.

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