Google Search Engine partnership with Apple
Google Search Engine partnership with Apple

How Google Secures Its Spot as Apple’s Go-To Search Engine!

Did you know that Google is said to be shelling out a whopping $18 to $20 billion each year to secure its position as the top search engine on iPhones? That’s a mind-boggling amount, roughly 15% of Apple’s yearly operating profits!

So, why is Google dishing out this astronomical sum? It all ties back to a behind-the-scenes agreement called the Information Services Agreement (ISA) between Google and Apple. Recently, Bernstein analysts have been looking into this deal in the light of the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google.

The big question in this case is whether Google might be forced to cut ties with Apple. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, himself expressed concerns about the optics of this deal way back in 2007. He wasn’t thrilled about Google being the sole provider in the Safari browser, both from a user experience and public perception standpoint.


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The Department of Justice’s lead litigator, Kenneth Dintzer, estimates that Google’s payments under the ISA could be over $10 billion. However, the actual amount is confidential. The $18 to $20 billion estimate takes this financial arrangement to a whole new level. And remember, Google is also paying for a similar privileged status on Android devices.

Google’s defense claims that users prefer their service, which gives them a competitive edge. But Dintzer argues that these default settings wield a significant influence. Users often go with the pre-installed option, and that’s where Google gets a leg up.

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Now, what about Apple? While they’re the ones receiving these payments, it’s uncertain how much they might lose in the event of Google’s antitrust case. The interesting twist here is that, technically, Apple isn’t on trial – Google is. This leaves room for Apple to potentially team up with another search engine or maintain their agreement with Google outside the US.

So, there you have it, the multi-billion-dollar dance behind your iPhone’s default search engine. It’s a tale of big money, fierce competition, and potential legal showdowns that could reshape the digital landscape.

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