Google sues scammers over Bard AI
Google sues scammers over Bard AI

Google Sues Scammers Over Bard AI: Protecting Users from Malware Threats

New technologies constantly arise, and scammers are continuously looking for methods to abuse naïve victims. Google, one of the tech giants leading the way in the world of artificial intelligence, has recently taken a stand against scammers seeking to capitalize on the hype surrounding generative AI.

They’ve filed a lawsuit against scammers who are attempting to deceive people into downloading malware by falsely promoting Google’s generative AI service, Bard.

The Culprits and Their Deceptive Tactics

Google’s legal action revolves around individuals believed to be based in Vietnam. These scammers have been cleverly setting up social media pages and running deceptive advertisements, encouraging users to “download” what they claim is the latest version of Google’s Bard AI.

However, what users end up downloading is not Google’s cutting-edge AI but harmful malware that puts their online security at risk. This malicious software is designed to steal social media credentials, giving scammers access to personal information and, potentially, causing significant harm.

In Google’s lawsuit, the tech giant points out that these scammers are not affiliated with the company in any way, although they cleverly pretend to be. They have even resorted to using Google trademarks, including “Google,” “Google AI,” and “Bard,” to lure unsuspecting victims into downloading malware onto their computers.

The Impact of Deceptive Social Media Ads

Similar to the tactics used in cryptocurrency scams, the scammers behind the Bard AI scheme have capitalized on the hype surrounding generative AI. They imply that Bard is a paid service or app that users need to download, creating a sense of urgency and necessity among potential victims. In reality, Bard is freely available at, and users should not be lured by the false promise of exclusive access or an official download.

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Taking Action to Protect Users

Google is actively working to combat these scammers. In their blog post, they mentioned that they have already submitted around 300 takedown requests related to these deceptive activities. However, Google is not stopping there. They’re determined to prevent these scammers from establishing future malicious domains and are striving to have their domains disabled with US domain registrars.

Google’s general counsel, Halimah DeLaine Prado, emphasized the importance of lawsuits in this fight against scammers. Lawsuits serve as a powerful tool to establish legal precedents, disrupt the tools used by malicious actors, and increase the consequences for those engaging in fraudulent activities. In this case, Google is setting a strong example by taking legal action against the scammers behind the Bard AI deception.

In Conclusion

The case of Google suing scammers over Bard AI highlights the ongoing battle against online deception and fraud. As technology continues to advance, it’s crucial for users to remain vigilant and informed. Always be cautious when confronted with enticing offers or downloads, especially on social media platforms. Google’s actions not only protect their own reputation but also help safeguard the online community from falling victim to such scams. Together, we can combat deceptive practices and maintain a safer digital environment for all.

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, scams and cyber threats are ever-evolving. Stay informed, stay safe, and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Google’s fight against scammers serves as a reminder that we should always be cautious when exploring new technologies and offers online.

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