Google to allow more real-money games on Play Store
Google to allow more real-money games on Play Store

Google to Allow More Real-Money Games on Play Store: What Does This Mean for Users?

In a significant policy shift, Google Play is set to expand its support for real-money gaming (RMG) apps. This move comes after the initial introduction of gambling and betting apps on the Android platform in 2021.

The forthcoming changes promise to widen the variety of RMG apps available, including types of games and operators that previously fell outside existing licensing frameworks.

How Will Google Play’s Expansion Impact the Gaming Landscape?

Historically, Google Play permitted only those RMG apps that were under the purview of government-established regulatory frameworks. This reliance on existing regulations meant many legal games, lacking explicit rules, were excluded.

The upcoming policy change is set to allow more RMG apps that are legal but not yet regulated. This expansion means a broader availability of RMG apps across various countries, subject to local laws and Google’s policies.

What Types of RMG Apps Are Currently Available on Google Play?

The range of RMG apps presently allowed on Google Play includes familiar and regulated forms like online casino games, sports betting, horse racing, lotteries, and daily fantasy sports. Safety measures like age and location restrictions ensure these apps are accessible only where legal. For example, in the United States, the availability is determined on a state-by-state basis.

What Motivated Google to Expand Its RMG App Policy? Developers, particularly those from overseas, have expressed interest in creating more diverse RMG offerings, such as digital versions of local card games.

These games haven’t been around long enough to be regulated but are popular and legal. Google’s policy revision responds to these developers’ requests and follows pilot programs in countries like India, where they tested the viability of supporting a broader range of RMG apps.

Google's Security Pilot Program

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What Are Some Examples of Google Play’s RMG Expansion?

Google’s pilot programs in India and Mexico are notable examples. They focused on games like Rummy and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), exploring the best ways to support these businesses. With the policy change, apps from these pilots can continue to be available in the Play Store.

Will There Be Any Changes to Safety Policies on Google Play? Google assures that existing safety protocols, such as age and location restrictions, will remain in force. Additionally, the company plans to further strengthen these safety measures. This is crucial to ensure that RMG apps are responsibly managed and accessed only by eligible users.

How Will Google’s Service Fee Model Change for RMG Apps?

A major change is coming to Google’s service fee model for RMG apps. Until now, these apps were free to install and couldn’t use Google Play Billing, meaning Google did not collect service fees. However, with the expansion, Google plans to introduce a service fee model to reflect the value provided by Google Play and to sustain the Android and Play ecosystems. More details on this are expected in the coming months.

When and Where Will Broader RMG Support Begin? The broader RMG support is set to start in June for India, Mexico, and Brazil, with plans to extend to more countries in the future. This phased approach allows Google to manage the rollout carefully, adhering to the unique laws and cultural nuances of each region.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Gaming on Google Play?

Google’s decision to allow more real-money games on the Play Store marks a significant shift in the digital gaming landscape. This move not only caters to the growing demand for diverse RMG options but also demonstrates Google’s commitment to evolving with the industry’s needs. As we anticipate the roll-out of these changes, it’s clear that the world of online gaming is set for an exciting transformation.

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