Google Wallet's QR Update
Google Wallet's QR Update

Google Wallet’s Latest Update: QR Scanner Makes Adding Passes a Breeze!

Google’s making your digital wallet even handier with a new update on the horizon. We all know that Google Wallet does more than just handle payments; it’s a handy tool for managing all kinds of cards and important documents.

Think loyalty cards, digital car keys, and, believe it or not, even your driver’s license and ID in some places. Now, in a recent development, Google Wallet is about to get even cooler. Android’s default QR code scanner is stepping in to help you add all sorts of passes right into the app.

Not too long ago, Google Wallet introduced a feature where you could scan boarding pass barcodes or QR codes from your photos and keep them safe in the app. But the real excitement comes with the latest beta version of Google Play Services, specifically version 23.42.

It’s got a nifty feature that allows you to scan pass photos, screenshots, and even smart health cards directly using Android’s built-in QR scanner. And if you’re wondering, those smart health cards are essentially QR-coded certificates that contain important vaccine-related info about the person they belong to.

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Using it is a breeze. You can either scan a physical pass directly or use the “Scan from photo” option to grab QR codes from images you already have. When it recognizes a valid QR code, it’ll pop up a “Add to Wallet” prompt. Just tap the “Add” button, and you’ll be whisked away to the Google Wallet app, all set up with the details from your scanned pass, ready for you to save.

This new feature isn’t just about being fancy; it’s also about saving time. You no longer have to open the Google Wallet app separately to scan your passes and health cards – it’s all right there.

The Android default QR code scanner is a pretty neat Quick Settings tile. To get it, just swipe down twice from the top of your screen to expand the notification shade fully. Hit the edit button (it looks like a pencil), scroll through your list of available tiles, and when you spot the QR scanner, drag it to the top of your menu among your active Quick Settings tiles.

Now, if you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast with a rooted device, there’s a little something extra for you. By tweaking a few settings in Google Play Services beta version 23.42 using GappsMod, you can get your hands on this feature even before it officially launches. You’ll need the GAppsMod app, which you can find on Github, and you’ll want to enable two specific flags for the package.

Just last year, Google decided to bring back Google Wallet, breaking it away from Google Pay. The idea was pretty straightforward: turn it into an all-in-one platform that’s not just about credit cards but could potentially replace your traditional wallet. It looks like Google is well on its way to making that a reality. Exciting times ahead!

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