GoPro HERO 12 Release Date
GoPro HERO 12 Release Date

GoPro HERO 12 Release Date – Rumored Features & Exciting Upgrades

Action photography enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the GoPro HERO 12, the next-generation action camera that promises to redefine the way we capture adventure. With an impressive set of rumored features and upgrades, the HERO 12 is expected to elevate the world of action cameras to new heights.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the release date, secret rumors, expected specs, and price of the GoPro HERO 12, backed by insights from industry experts and enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the exciting world of action photography together!

GoPro HERO 12 Release Date

gopro 12 release

The highly anticipated release date of the GoPro HERO 12 is just around the corner, as GoPro adheres to its tradition of annual product launches. For the past five years, GoPro enthusiasts have eagerly awaited exciting new releases every September, and this year is no different. In 2022, GoPro introduced the GoPro Hero 11 Black and GoPro Hero 11 Mini, captivating users with their advanced features and performance.

The wait for the next-generation action camera is almost over. Mark your calendars for September 13th, 2023, as that’s when the revolutionary GoPro HERO 12 Black is scheduled to hit the market. This latest addition to the GoPro family is expected to be a game-changer, boasting cutting-edge technology and advanced features that will elevate your action-packed adventures to new heights.

Enthusiasts and adventurers alike can look forward to the HERO 12’s release, as it promises to deliver stunning image quality, enhanced resolution, and extended battery life. With the HERO 12 in hand, you can expect to capture your thrilling moments in high-quality footage like never before, turning every adventure into a memorable and visually immersive experience.

The HERO 12 is designed to empower action photographers, filmmakers, and content creators to tell their stories in a more dynamic and captivating way. As the release date approaches, excitement builds, and enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to elevate their storytelling and explore the possibilities offered by this state-of-the-art action camera.

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Expected Specs of GoPro HERO 12

Expected Specs of GoPro HERO 12

The HERO 12 is expected to boast several key specifications that will take action photography to new heights of performance and versatility:

Enhanced Sensor Performance: An upgraded 1-inch sensor is anticipated to deliver exceptional image quality and allow for impressive resolution capabilities. Expect to capture stunning footage in 8K at 60 frames per second and 4K at 240 frames per second, ensuring every moment is captured in breathtaking detail.

GPS Mod for Cyclists: Cycling enthusiasts will be delighted with the inclusion of a GPS mod, transforming the HERO 12 into a versatile bike computer. Cyclists can track their routes, monitor performance metrics, and explore new territories, further enhancing their cycling experience.

Refined Body Design: With a focus on user experience, GoPro is expected to improve the camera’s body design, offering a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience. This will ensure adventurers can effortlessly capture their thrilling moments with enhanced comfort and ease.

Versatile Lens Options: The HERO 12 is rumored to offer a selection of optical lens options tailored to different scenarios, allowing users to capture their adventures with greater precision and cater to specific filmmaking needs.

AI-Powered Intelligent Features: Building on the success of the GP2 processor introduced with the Hero 10 Black, the HERO 12 is likely to incorporate the latest advancements in AI technology. This will introduce intelligent photo options with subject detection and scene recognition capabilities, akin to those found in smartphones.

GoPro HERO 12: Secret Rumors

GoPro HERO 12 Secret Rumors

As the anticipation for the HERO 12 builds, various rumors are making waves among tech and photography communities. Some exciting unconfirmed features include:

Extended Screen: The HERO 12 might embrace an extended screen that stretches to the edges, offering more screen real estate for additional features and touch gestures to enhance the user experience.

Detachable Remote with Touch Screen: Imagine a detachable screen for the HERO 12 that can be mounted on your wrist or the handlebar of your remote control, providing unparalleled convenience.

Motion Detection: The HERO 12 could introduce a game-changing motion detection feature, intelligently detecting motion and automatically starting recording from different angles for multi-cam functionality.

Fluorescent Color Scheme: Rumors suggest a dual fluorescent color scheme, expressing enthusiasts’ desire for a visually striking and distinctive GoPro HERO 12.

Built-in ND Filter: The addition of a built-in ND filter would empower users to toggle exposure easily, experimenting with slow shutter speeds and capturing stunning visuals with enhanced creative control.

Expected Price of GoPro HERO 12

Expected Price of GoPro HERO 12

The expected price of the GoPro HERO 12 has been a topic of great interest among action photography enthusiasts. While specifics have not been officially announced by GoPro, industry insiders and pricing experts have weighed in on the potential price range.

Based on their analysis, the GoPro HERO 12 Black is likely to fall within a price range of $425 to $475. This estimate takes into account the advanced technology and enhanced functionalities that the HERO 12 is expected to offer. The base price is anticipated to start around $425, making it an attractive option for users seeking a high-performance action camera without breaking the bank.

However, the overall price may vary depending on the extent of the enhancements and additional features that the HERO 12 brings to the table. As with any cutting-edge device, the inclusion of advanced specifications, such as higher resolution capabilities, improved image stabilization, and AI-powered intelligent features, could contribute to a higher price tag.

Furthermore, GoPro may offer different configurations and bundles that could affect the final price. For instance, a premium package with extra accessories or a GoPro subscription plan could be available at a slightly higher price point, around $475, providing added value for customers who seek a comprehensive action photography solution.

It’s worth noting that pricing estimates are subject to change, and GoPro may adjust the price before the official release of the HERO 12. Factors such as market competition, production costs, and customer demand could influence the final pricing decision.

As for the source that estimated the price at $999, it’s essential to approach such claims with caution. Until GoPro makes an official announcement, this figure should be considered speculative and potentially exaggerated. A price of $999 would be significantly higher than previous GoPro models and might not align with the pricing strategy GoPro has historically employed for its flagship action cameras.

Finally, given its increased features and capabilities, the GoPro HERO 12 Black is estimated to cost between $425 and $475. However, consumers should watch for official announcements from GoPro in order to obtain accurate and current pricing information. With its revolutionary features and cutting-edge technology, the HERO 12 promises to be a game-changer in the world of action photography, making it the ideal companion for action-adventure enthusiasts.


The GoPro HERO 12 is on the horizon, promising to revolutionize the world of action photography with its advanced features and unparalleled performance. With a release date set for September 13th, 2023, action enthusiasts can look forward to elevating their storytelling and capturing breathtaking visuals like never before.

While the exact specifications and features remain unconfirmed, the rumored upgrades in image quality, lens options, and AI-powered intelligent features paint a promising picture of the HERO 12’s capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a passionate enthusiast, the HERO 12 aims to become the ultimate companion for your action-packed journeys, empowering you to capture your experiences in stunning detail and share them with the world. As we await the official release and confirmation from GoPro, the future of action photography awaits!

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