Instagram and Facebook now compatible with Android icons
Instagram and Facebook now compatible with Android icons

Instagram and Facebook Now Compatible With Android Icons

Exciting news for Android users and fans of Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger! These popular social media platforms are stepping up their game by introducing themed icons, giving your Android experience a splash of color and personalization.

This innovative feature was initially introduced with Android 12, allowing apps to adapt their icons to the color scheme generated from your wallpaper by Material You. At the beginning, support for themed icons was pretty limited, making it a less-than-essential feature. However, as Android 13 expanded this feature to third-party apps, it became increasingly popular.

Now, with Android 14 making its way into the hands of more users, Meta, the parent company behind these apps, has decided to jump on the themed icon bandwagon. It’s about time, right?

First up, Instagram, the photo-sharing sensation, has been spotted with a themed icon in its Alpha version 307. Alpha versions aren’t readily available on the Play Store but can be sideloaded from reliable sources.

Instagram and Facebook compatible with Android icons

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Not to be left behind, the main Facebook app is also joining the party, offering support for themed icons in its Alpha version 439. If you’re eager to add a pop of color to your Facebook experience, you can find this version outside the Play Store as well.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! Facebook Messenger is also getting in on the action with themed icon support in its Alpha version 433., and it seems like it might also be available in beta. This means you can soon enjoy a coordinated look across all your Meta apps.

This move follows Threads, another Meta app, which recently added themed icon support in its stable release. Perhaps this was the catalyst for Meta’s decision to roll out themed icons to their other apps.

As for when these changes will become available to all users through stable updates, the timeline remains a mystery. But one thing is certain: the future is looking colorful and more personalized for Android users. Get ready to make your social media icons match your style and wallpaper, and let’s see where this journey into themed icons takes us next!

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