Matter 1.2 adds support for smart home devices
Matter 1.2 adds support for smart home devices

Matter 1.2 Adds Support for Smart Home Devices: What Does It Mean for Your Home?

Are you still waiting for the smart home revolution to truly kick in? You’re not alone. In the world of connected homes, one technology was supposed to be the unifying force we were all waiting for – Matter.

However, as its latest update, Matter 1.2, rolls out with support for an array of home appliances, you might be wondering if it really matters for your smart home. Let’s delve into what Matter 1.2 brings to the table and whether it’s time to consider making the switch.

The Matter 1.2 Update

Matter 1.2 is here to bridge the gap between your smart home devices and make your life easier. This updated standard now supports nine new device types, including refrigerators, air conditioners, robot vacuums, air quality sensors, and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. But what does this mean for your daily life?

Imagine being able to remotely start your laundry cycle or having your robot vacuum kick into action the moment it senses the air is getting dusty. These are the practical applications of Matter 1.2. It’s all about simplifying your routines and enhancing the convenience of your smart home setup.

Matter 1.2 support for smart home devices

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Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Promise

Matter 1.2 is part of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) initiative, and it’s just the second of the bi-annual updates promised by CSA. What sets Matter apart is its open-source nature. It’s a standard that relies on the collaboration of companies and makers of smart home gadgets to propagate its adoption.

The CSA believes that the open-source SDK will encourage manufacturers to improve upon the existing tools and foster innovation. While this market-driven approach holds potential, the real question is, are companies embracing it wholeheartedly?

The Slow Adoption of Matter

If you’re like many smart home enthusiasts, you might be wondering why the adoption of Matter has been slower than expected. During CES 2023, it appeared that this year would be dominated by devices upgraded to be Matter-compatible. However, the reality has been quite different.

Stacy Higginbotham, a well-known figure in the Internet of Things community, pointed out a possible reason behind Matter’s slow ascent. It might not be the standard itself that’s struggling but rather the vendors who are not promoting it adequately. According to Higginbotham, many vendors have been rolling out support for Matter in an uneven manner.

Matter 1.2 support logo

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Is There a Rush to Make Matter Matter?

The big players in the smart home industry – Google, Amazon, Apple, and even Samsung with SmartThings – have not shown an urgent interest in adopting Matter 1.2. When The Verge asked these companies about their plans, their responses appeared lukewarm at best. It seems like they are in no hurry to embrace Matter.

So, what does this mean for you and your smart home? While Matter 1.2 has introduced exciting possibilities, the slow adoption and lack of enthusiasm from industry giants might make you reconsider your plans. If you’re like many users who have already established a comfortable and functional smart home ecosystem, there might not be an immediate need to switch to Matter.

In the end, Matter’s success might hinge on the willingness of companies to promote it and bring it into the mainstream. Until then, it’s up to individual users to decide whether Matter 1.2 adds enough value to their smart home experience.

The smart home landscape is constantly evolving, and the future of Matter remains uncertain. For now, the choice is yours – to Matter or not to Matter.

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