Meta AI tech to beat ChatGPT
Meta AI tech to beat ChatGPT

Meta Open-Sources LLaMA 2 Language Model to Challenge GPT-4 in AI Race

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has made a significant announcement at Microsoft’s Inspire event by open-sourcing its powerful language model, LLaMA 2. This move positions Meta in direct competition with OpenAI’s renowned GPT-4, which powers widely-used tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing. By offering LLaMA 2 for free to both commercial and research users, Meta aims to foster collaboration and experimentation within the AI community.

This decision to open up LLaMA 2 is part of Meta’s strategy to enhance safety and transparency in AI development. The company has subjected the model to rigorous testing, including external evaluation and adversarial prompts to fine-tune its performance. By sharing LLaMA 2 through Microsoft’s Azure platform, as well as other providers like AWS and Hugging Face, Meta is extending access to a broader audience of developers and researchers.

The training of LLaMA 2 involved an impressive 40 percent increase in data compared to its predecessor, LLaMA 1. Meta claims that the model surpasses other large language models, such as Falcon and MPT, in areas like reasoning, coding proficiency, and knowledge tests.

Meta AI to beat ChatGPT

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Moreover, Meta’s partnership with Qualcomm aims to bring LLaMa to a wide range of devices, including laptops, phones, and headsets, enabling AI-powered applications that operate independently of cloud services from 2024 onwards.

By adopting an open approach, Meta believes that collaborative development in the generative AI space is crucial, given the rapid advancements in technology. Meta’s emphasis on community-driven stress testing and problem-solving aims to leverage the collective expertise of developers and researchers in refining and optimizing AI models.

Following numerous requests from researchers to access their initial model, Meta anticipates an even more extensive reach with the open-source availability of LLaMA 2. As developers explore the possibilities presented by this language model, new AI-powered tools are likely to emerge, leveraging the vast potential of LLaMA 2’s capabilities.

Although the LLaMA model initially gained attention in February, when it leaked on 4chan shortly after its announcement, the broader accessibility of LLaMA 2 is expected to fuel innovation in the AI community and lead to exciting new developments in AI-powered applications.

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