Meta Quest 3 and More at Meta Connect 2023
Meta Quest 3 and More at Meta Connect 2023

Meta Connect 2023 – Quest 3, AI Ambitions and Beyond

Get ready for a tech extravaganza like no other – Meta Connect 2023 is right around the corner, scheduled for September 27th. This annual event is where Meta, the tech powerhouse, reveals its latest hardware and software marvels. The big star of the show? The much-anticipated Meta Quest 3 headset.

Meta Connect is more than just an event, it’s a treasure trove of tech dreams. Not only will we get to feast our eyes on the soon-to-arrive goodies like the Quest 3, but Meta also gives us a glimpse into the distant future – things we might not hold in our hands for years to come, or even a decade.

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s likely to unfold at Meta Connect 2023 – plus a daring prediction about something that might remain unsaid.

The Quest 3 Delight

Hold onto your VR goggles! The Quest 3 is set to shine at Meta Connect 2023. We’ve been thirsting for details, and Meta will finally quench our curiosity. We already know the Quest 3 is a standalone virtual reality headset, ready to succeed the popular Quest 2. With a starting price of $499, £499, or AU$829, it promises to be Meta’s most potent headset yet. But, oh, the juicy details we still lack – specifics about its features, release date, and the various Quest 3 models on offer. The pricing hints that fancier versions with more oomph could be in the works, maybe differing in storage sizes.

Picture this: snazzy VR games and apps, all tuned to exploit the Quest 3’s superior capabilities compared to its predecessors. But it doesn’t end there. Imagine mixed reality experiences that flaunt the Quest 3’s polished color passthrough. While the Quest Pro’s attempt was grainy at best, rumor has it that the Quest 3’s passthrough is a whole new ballgame.

Microsoft Office in VR Wonderland

Speaking of Quest 3’s software lineup, buckle up for a potential game-changer. The Quest could soon become your go-to productivity hub. Remember last year’s Meta Connect? That’s when Meta and Microsoft dished out plans for bringing Office apps like Word and Excel to the Quest family. But here’s the twist – it’s been a year, and those apps are still a no-show. Currently, you need a virtual desktop app to connect to your real-world PC for a taste of Office.

And that’s not all, Xbox game streaming is on the horizon too. Though details have been as scarce as desert rain, Meta Connect 2023 might finally unveil the launch date – hopefully, it’s within 2023, because we’re all feeling quite impatient. And there’s a reason for this haste: Apple’s gearing up to drop the Apple Vision Pro headset in early 2024, complete with VR versions of their productivity apps. Meta better step up its game, and what better way than by integrating Microsoft’s software pronto.

Llama 2 meta

Metaverse Musings and AI Adventures

Ah, Horizon Worlds – Meta’s metaverse platform. Each Connect event gives it a nod, but the announcements haven’t exactly been fireworks. Last time, we got avatars with legs, but here we are in August 2023, and our virtual selves still wobble around legless.

Reality check: Horizon Worlds needs more than just limbs, it needs a purpose. Despite a growing library of VR experiences and fancy graphical upgrades, it’s been struggling to stand out. Meta’s got a trick up its sleeve, though – a fusion of the metaverse with AI. Picture this: AI-powered Horizon Worlds, bigger and more mesmerizing than ever. And NPCs (non-player characters) could turn up the popularity dial.

Wait, there’s more – Horizon Worlds might soon become your playground even without a VR headset. Yes, a smartphone version’s reportedly on its way, and AI might just make it irresistible for everyone.

Do you know that Google Chrome’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), which is propelled by artificial intelligence, introduces a revolutionary new feature? This innovative capability now encompasses the chore of summarizing entire articles encountered by web users, in addition to summarizing search results:

Peeking into the AR Future

Remember those AR teases from the past Meta Connects? Well, brace yourselves for a potential twist at Meta Connect 2023. It’s all been teasers and prototypes until now, but this time, we might get a taste of Meta’s augmented reality endeavors.

In 2021 and 2022, Meta had us on our toes about future hardware – Project Cambria (Quest Pro) in 2021 and a new VR headset (Quest 3) in 2022. This time, it’s AR’s moment in the sun. Meta’s been yapping about AR for a while, and let’s be honest, we’re getting antsy for some actual gear. With Apple flaunting its Vision Pro headset, Meta could capitalize on the renewed AR buzz.

Will these AR specs bear the RayBan stamp? Or is Meta cooking up something entirely different? The September 27th extravaganza holds all the secrets.

Hold Off on Quest Pro 2 Dreams

Before you don your Quest Pro 2 dream goggles, a little reality check might be in order. In this Meta Connect, all eyes are on the Quest 3, there’s no room for another VR headset in the spotlight. Revealing a Quest Pro 2 now could dampen the Quest 3’s parade – a risky move.

Here’s the inside scoop: Meta likely won’t unleash a new VR headset in 2024. Recent buzz suggests Meta’s canceled a prototype that could’ve been the Quest Pro 2. While Meta insists it wasn’t, the whispers tell a different tale. If that prototype had stayed in development, it might’ve morphed into the Pro 2. But hang on, Meta has to start over, and it’ll take time. So, Pro 2, take a back seat for now.

Meta Connect 2023 promises a tech symphony like no other. Mark your calendar for September 27th, and watch Meta paint the future in pixels and AI dreams. It’s not just an event, it’s a glimpse into what tomorrow’s tech will bring.

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