Game Pass $1 Deal Exits Stage Left Before Starfield Premiere

Microsoft drops Game Pass deal ahead of Starfield launch

Microsoft drops Game Pass deal ahead of Starfield launch

Say goodbye to the sweet $1 deal for PC Game Pass! It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with this offer, coming and going over the years. Sometimes you’d get a nice three-month subscription, but most of the time it was just a single month for a buck. In early August, they even shrunk it down to a 15-day trial. And now, poof, it’s gone entirely, and PC Game Pass is back to its regular $10/month price. The console version sticks to its usual $11/month, while the Game Pass Ultimate will set you back $16/month.

Why the sudden vanishing act, you ask? Well, it’s not rocket science. They wanted to prevent us from snagging the deal and zipping through Starfield in a mere two weeks. Imagine paying only $1 to breeze through a $70 game like Starfield – that’s a whopping 98.57% discount! Of course, there’s a catch: you’d have to stop right when the trial ends.

Now, if you’re still game, the regular $10/month PC Game Pass subscription could still save you from shelling out full price for Starfield, unless you plan on living in space for over six months. Or, you’re someone who finds the rest of the PC Game Pass library compelling enough – they’ve added cool stuff like Everspace 2, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Exoprimal recently. But honestly, even though Starfield is a massive release, it doesn’t seem like the ultimate selling point for a Game Pass subscription.

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Here’s the deal: Game Pass promises all the big Microsoft-owned studio games on day one. Well, sort of. Starfield kind of plays hard to get with this promise. “Early access” starts on Friday (or late Thursday, depending on your time zone) for those who went all-in with the $100 Premium Edition. For the rest of us Standard Edition owners and Game Pass subscribers, patience is the name of the game until September 6 rolls around.

Hold on, there’s a twist. If you’re a Game Pass subscriber itching to dive into Starfield on September 1 – the real day one – you’ve got an option. Toss in $31.49 for the Premium Edition Upgrade, and you’re in. It’s like Microsoft trying to strike a balance between boosting Game Pass and cashing in on the buzz for Bethesda’s biggest game since Skyrim. Can you feel the awkward dance between serving loyal subscribers and chasing the dollars? It’s a tricky act, but not fully embracing Game Pass for Starfield might just plant seeds of doubt about their subscription plan. Are subscribers the VIPs, or do the big games call the shots?

Now, if the $1 deal was still around, I’d totally suggest grabbing it as a way to test-drive Starfield before committing. But without that option, it’s more like the kind of game you’d prefer to own, assuming you fall for it. After all, nobody wants to fork over heaps of cash for a subscription just to play one game.

We’ve all been there – my last few Netflix payments were essentially me paying to watch a couple of episodes of The Witcher Season 3 before giving it a pass. And let’s be honest, Starfield is the kind of game that might keep you coming back for years. Bethesda’s been hyping its hugeness, and even more than a decade later, Skyrim’s still hogging the spotlight on Steam’s Top 100 concurrent players list.

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