Microsoft's Phil Spencer talks revisiting old franchises
Microsoft's Phil Spencer talks revisiting old franchises

Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer’s Plan for Classic Games Revival

Microsoft’s CEO, Phil Spencer, is all for reviving some forgotten gaming gems. With the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, many are wondering what this means for the gaming world. The UK’s CMA has given its approval, and Bobby Kotick, the head of Activision, is on his way out. The deal is done, and now it’s time to explore the exciting possibilities it brings.

For fans of classic games from Activision Blizzard’s vast library, there’s good news. Phil Spencer himself confirmed in an official interview on the Xbox channel that they’re planning to breathe new life into some beloved franchises.

He mentioned the concept of a “revisited” version, an idea he just coined. With the array of franchises now under Microsoft’s umbrella, there’s a world of opportunities to revisit and reimagine these classics.

However, Spencer emphasizes that this isn’t about making a quick buck. He wants these revisits to be a labor of love and not just a financial move or a PR stunt. He’s interested in seeing developers pour their passion into these projects.

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Intriguingly, Spencer has his own wish list, including the return of the classic first-person shooter, Hexen. But he’s also open to what the development teams are excited about. If they want to revisit and fully focus on some of these older titles, he’s fully supportive. The potential for bringing new life to these games is immense.

He also commended the recent Quake 2 remaster by id Software, noting how they managed to modernize the game while still preserving its history. Spencer would love to see more projects like that – ones that bring old classics into the present while respecting their heritage.

Despite these exciting plans, don’t expect to see Activision Blizzard’s catalog flooding into Game Pass this year. The regulatory process for the acquisition took a long time, delaying the collaboration. Now that the deal is sealed, the real work begins, and it’ll take some time to bring these classics back to life.

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