Nothing launching messaging app called Nothing Chats
Nothing launching messaging app called Nothing Chats

Nothing Chats Breaks Barriers: iMessage Comes to Nothing Phone 2

In a surprising move, Nothing Phone 2 owners are about to experience a whole new level of connectivity as the company introduces iMessage to its Android device through the innovative “Nothing Chats” app. Scheduled to kick off this Friday, November 17th, this groundbreaking feature aims to bridge the gap in messaging services that has long divided phone users.

Nothing acknowledges the fragmentation caused by different messaging platforms and aims to dismantle these barriers with the introduction of iMessage on its latest phone. The company believes in fostering seamless communication, but there’s a catch – you’ll have to put your trust in Sunbird, the engine powering the Nothing Chats app.

According to Nothing’s FAQ, Sunbird’s architecture ensures that messages travel from one user to another without ever being stored at any point in their journey. The company emphasizes that messages are not stored on Sunbird’s servers. However, to make this magic happen, you’ll need to grant Sunbird access to your iCloud account.

Jane Nho, Nothing’s US head of PR, sheds some light on the process. Sunbird stores user iCloud credentials as a token in an encrypted database, associated with a Mac Mini located either in the US or Europe, depending on the user’s location. This Mac Mini then acts as a relay for iMessages sent via the Nothing Chats app. To address privacy concerns, Nho reassures users that after two weeks of inactivity, Sunbird promptly deletes the account information.

But, as savvy users, we know the age-old saying: trust, but verify. It’s essential to scrutinize Sunbird’s privacy policy and approach this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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Tech guru Marques Brownlee has had a sneak peek at Nothing Chats, and he confirms that akin to previous iMessage-to-Android bridge services, it involves signing in on a Mac Mini in a server farm somewhere. This Mac Mini takes care of all the routing necessary to make iMessage integration possible.

The Washington Post got hands-on with the feature and reports that Nothing Chats generally work well, albeit with a few hiccups. Some advanced iMessage features, like message editing and fully functional Tapback reactions, are still in the works. In their testing, they found that sending messages in group chats sometimes required multiple attempts, and group iMessages don’t work if not everyone in the thread is on iMessage – a limitation to be expected.

Nho assures users that Nothing Chats does support SMS, so group SMS messaging should work seamlessly. Users on the other end will even see when you’re typing, just like in native iMessage, and you can share uncompressed media.

While Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pei, modestly states that the app isn’t “going to change the world,” he believes it will “start a conversation.” It’s worth noting that the European Union is currently investigating whether iMessage should be designated as an Apple “core platform service,” adding an extra layer of intrigue to this development.

Interestingly, Nothing isn’t unveiling this feature until Friday, perhaps allowing Apple some time to respond – be it through legal threats or technical measures. However, with Nothing Phone 2 users getting a first taste, it remains to be seen how this story unfolds. Meanwhile, Beeper, another service offering iMessage access on Android and Windows devices, has an extensive waitlist, underlining the demand for such cross-platform integration.

Whether Nothing Chats will revolutionize messaging or simply serve as a catalyst for broader conversations in the tech world, it’s clear that the landscape of cross-platform communication is evolving. Stay tuned for updates as this new chapter unfolds, bringing iMessage to the Android world in a way we’ve never seen before.

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