OpenAI officially launches ChatGPT browsing
OpenAI officially launches ChatGPT browsing

ChatGPT Breaks Free – OpenAI Opens Doors to the Whole Internet

OpenAI has just made a major move by granting ChatGPT access to the entire internet. This exciting development, named “Browse with Bing,” is now available for Plus and Enterprise edition subscribers. Instead of relying solely on its pre-September 2021 training data, ChatGPT can now scour the vast expanses of the web for real-time information.

While there have been unofficial plugins and applications that allowed ChatGPT to access the internet, this official feature release signals OpenAI’s confidence in ChatGPT’s ethical capabilities to navigate both the best and the darkest corners of the internet. This fantastic new addition is accessible via both the web and mobile versions for those who subscribe to the $20 monthly plan.

Interestingly, ChatGPT is already a part of Microsoft’s Bing browser, so there’s some exciting synergy going on between these two tech giants. In a related development, OpenAI’s AI image generator, DALL-E 3, has also integrated with ChatGPT. This means users can now create deepfakes and playful art using the ChatGPT user interface.


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Microsoft had initially announced the beta phase of this feature back in May at its annual Microsoft Build conference. However, OpenAI temporarily put the brakes on Browse with Bing a few months later, citing issues with content presentation. But the underlying reason might have been users finding ways to bypass the paywall.

Fast forward to September, and OpenAI relaunched Browse with Bing, with the added bonus of speech-to-text capabilities. This allows paying users to engage with ChatGPT through voice commands. Furthermore, ChatGPT can now comprehend images and respond to user queries based on the content within a picture.

However, it’s worth noting that while ChatGPT can identify inanimate objects like bicycle parts, it struggles with interpreting social dynamics. For instance, a user on the r/ChatGPT subreddit once asked the chatbot to analyze two images from a sexual harassment training course. Unfortunately, an unwanted hand on a woman’s shoulder was misinterpreted as a man “offering comfort or reassurance.”

OpenAI isn’t resting on its laurels with this release. The company is determined to stay ahead of the competition by continuously adding new features. In November, they are reportedly planning to enhance the enterprise developer model of ChatGPT by increasing memory storage and improving its vision capabilities. These exciting updates may well be announced at OpenAI’s upcoming developer conference on November 6.

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