Pixel 8 Unleashes Lossless Audio
Pixel 8 Unleashes Lossless Audio

Pixel 8 and Android Phones Set to Deliver Pristine Sound

Google is set to bring lossless USB audio to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as other Android phones. This means that your favorite tunes will be delivered to your ears in their purest form, without any compression or alteration.

Imagine your music flowing from your phone to your headphones in its original, untouched state. This fantastic feature ensures that every instrument in the track stands out, vocals sound better, and all those subtle details that often get lost in compressed audio become crystal clear.

But here’s the catch – to enjoy this lossless audio experience, you’ll need to plug in a wired headset. Unfortunately, Bluetooth, with its wireless magic, just isn’t up to the task as it sacrifices some audio quality.

Pixel 8 Performance

Do you know that as we wait for the iPhone 16 lineup’s launch, the rumor mill is already humming with interesting details? According to the newest report, TSMC’s 3nm A18 chips will boost the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro’s performance:

Several music streaming services, like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Tidal, are already offering lossless audio, and now, Android 14 will support this feature. The next step is for phone manufacturers and app developers to hop on board and make this available to more users.

However, not everyone is keen on scrutinizing every nuance of their music. Some folks are content with the regular sound quality, and that’s perfectly fine.

But, there’s a catch when it comes to enjoying lossless audio on your phone – it might gobble up more of your data. So, if you have a data plan with limits (even those so-called unlimited plans that slow you down after a certain usage), you might want to keep an eye on your data consumption, especially if you’re streaming lossless music.

And, another thing to remember is that lossless audio files take up more storage space on your phone compared to compressed ones. So, make sure you’ve got the room for those high-quality tracks.

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