PS5 Sales Surge, 'Forza Motorsport' Awaits
PS5 Sales Surge, 'Forza Motorsport' Awaits

PS5 Sales Soar by 42% in August, Setting the Stage for ‘Forza Motorsport’

August was a fantastic month for video game enthusiasts in the UK, and it’s all thanks to the PlayStation 5. Sales of the beloved PS5 skyrocketed by an impressive 42% compared to the previous month. This surge in popularity can be attributed to some aggressive pricing and enticing bundles that were offered throughout the summer. In fact, when you look at the year-to-date numbers, PS5 sales have climbed a staggering 60%, showing just how much gamers adore this console.

But what about the Nintendo Switch? Well, it’s still holding its ground, but it did experience a slight slowdown in August, with sales dropping by 5% from the previous month. And if we look at the bigger picture, the overall sales for the Nintendo Switch this year are down by 10%. It’s still a beloved console, but it’s facing some tough competition.

Meanwhile, Xbox made a bit of a comeback in August. Sales for the Series S and X jumped up by 7% compared to July. However, they’re still trailing behind the Switch and PS5, with year-to-date sales down by nearly 23%. But don’t count Microsoft out just yet; they have some exciting game releases on the horizon, including “Starfield” and “Forza Motorsport.”

Interestingly, the success of the PS5 also had a ripple effect on accessories. In August, a whopping 565,309 add-on products flew off the shelves, marking a 3.5% increase from July and a 1% boost from the previous August. What’s even more fascinating is that the top six best-selling accessories were all for the PS5, including DualSense Controllers in various colors and the DualSense Charging Station.

Prospective Outlook for the PS5 Pro

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Now, let’s talk games. A total of 1.75 million games were sold in August, which is a slight dip of 2.2% compared to the same month last year. The top-selling game for August was “FIFA 23,” driven by a surge in sales for the Nintendo Switch version, which had some tempting discounts on the Nintendo eShop.

But here’s a twist: “Baldur’s Gate 3” would have likely stolen the crown for August if it were included in the data. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the charts because its publisher, Larian, was not part of the data panel. It’s safe to say that with “Baldur’s Gate 3,” August would have been an even more remarkable month for gaming.

There’s another game worth mentioning: “Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.” While the Armored Core franchise may not have a huge following in the UK, it’s developed by the acclaimed studio From Software, known for “Dark Souls” and “Elden Ring.” This new installment outperformed its predecessors, showcasing the enduring appeal of the developer.

Lastly, kudos to Rockstar, as they had a terrific month with three games making it into the top ten. Among them, “Red Dead Redemption” reemerged thanks to its release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in August, claiming the fifth spot on the charts.

Oh, and speaking of comebacks, “Quake 2” surprised everyone by returning to the charts nearly 26 years after its initial release. It received a remastered treatment with new levels, earning it the 12th spot on the charts. We suspect it might have ranked even higher if its Nintendo Switch sales were included in the data. Exciting times in the world of gaming, indeed!

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