Google and Samsung Team Up for XR Headset
Google and Samsung Team Up for XR Headset

Samsung and Google Join Forces for XR Headset

Rumor has it that Google is gearing up to make a big splash in the world of AR glasses. Instead of creating their own physical glasses, they’re apparently cooking up something special on the software front. This move comes after some bumpy rides in their journey. You see, Google was working on its own pair of glasses that looked just like regular eyeglasses, but that project hit some roadblocks. People in the know say that there were quite a few changes in direction every few months, which got a lot of folks scratching their heads and even a few folks packing their bags.

One of Google’s experienced minds, who knew a lot about operating systems, left the company. Why? Well, they mentioned something about Google not really being sure about what it wanted and its vision shifting too much. It seems things were a bit of a tangled mess, as one current Google employee put it.

But, Google is not giving up easily. They’re still pushing forward with their plans to create operating systems for XR (that’s Extended Reality) devices. What’s XR, you ask? It’s the tech that covers things like virtual reality and augmented reality. So, Google’s got this thing called Android “XR” for those cool headsets that make you feel like you’re in another world. And then there’s Android “Micro XR,” which is designed for those futuristic AR glasses we’ve all been hearing about.

Google and Samsung

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Hold on, it gets juicier. Samsung, that tech giant, spilled the beans that they’re working on a fancy XR headset, and guess what? Google’s the wizard behind the software curtain. And wait, there’s more! Google teased us, saying they’d spill more beans about this project soon. But word on the street is that Samsung is going back to the drawing board for their headset because of something Apple did. Yup, it seems like Apple might have caused a bit of a shakeup in the plans.

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. Google is on the hunt for a buddy to make those snazzy “Android Micro XR” AR glasses. They’re shooting for a grand launch around 2025. Some folks are guessing that Samsung might just be the one to hop on board this AR train.

But, let’s be real, making AR glasses that are as clear as day has been a real struggle for the tech bigwigs. Apple even hit the brakes on their AR glasses plans, and no one knows when they’ll hit the gas again. And then there’s Meta (you might remember them as Facebook). They’re reportedly going to show off about a thousand super-advanced prototypes next year, but they might have to settle for something less mind-blowing for us regular folks by 2027.

So, while the future of AR glasses might seem a bit hazy, one thing’s for sure: the tech titans are in for an exciting and challenging ride.

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