Samsung's Galaxy S24+ Set to Redefine Screen Quality
Samsung's Galaxy S24+ Set to Redefine Screen Quality

Samsung’s Galaxy S24+ Set to Redefine Screen Quality

Samsung is cooking up some exciting changes for its upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup, and one of the most anticipated upgrades revolves around the display. While Samsung has kept many details under wraps, leaks and rumors are painting an intriguing picture.

In the past, Samsung dazzled us with phones sporting those sleek curved screens. However, it seems they are shifting gears towards bigger, flatter displays. The buzz is that the Galaxy S24+ could steal the show with its stunning 1440p display, making it a tempting choice compared to the entry-level model.

The grapevine got a boost when tipster Ice Universe shared a visual comparison on X (formerly known as Twitter). They gave us a sneak peek at what the Galaxy S24 series might bring to the table. The base model is expected to flaunt a 6.2-inch FHD display, but it’s the S24+ that’s really grabbing attention with its potentially crystal-clear 6.7-inch WQHD screen. The S24 Ultra, the next step up, looks like it will maintain its impressive 6.8-inch WQHD display.

For a bit of context, the previous Galaxy S23 lineup featured displays at 6.1 inches for the S23, 6.6 inches for the S23+, and 6.8 inches for the S23 Ultra. So, it’s quite likely that this trend will continue, with screen sizes growing thanks to slimmer bezels or a slightly larger footprint, or a mix of both. The big news here is the middle model making the leap from 1080p FHD+ resolution to a super sharp 1440p WQHD.

Ice Universe didn’t stop there; they spilled more beans about the S24+. According to them, the phone’s frame will be a svelte 2.5mm all around, with a trim 1.5mm bezel. The center frame? An even sleeker 1.0mm. And the phone itself will be a mere 7.7mm thick. This indicates Samsung’s possible departure from curved displays for the S24 line, potentially opting for flat screens all around.

Samsung Galaxy S24 cameras

If this change sticks, it could mean a more robust design that’s less prone to damage when dropped. But, there’s a trade-off; flat displays usually require larger phones to accommodate the same screen size. Maybe that’s why the S24 and S24+ boast bigger screens, while the S24 Ultra sticks with its 6.8-inch screen.

There’s more to these phones than just dazzling displays. Samsung might also be upping the storage game, with rumors hinting at a whopping 2TB option. That’s double the current 1TB offered with the S23 Ultra, ensuring you won’t run out of space even with those massive 8K videos.

Now, the big question remains: when can we get our hands on these beauties? While there’s no official launch date yet, the word on the street is that they’ll make their grand entrance in early 2024. And as for the prices, Samsung will likely stagger them, with the S24 Ultra commanding the highest tag.

In the meantime, if you’re itching for an upgrade, keep your eyes peeled for any price drops on the still-impressive S23 phones. They might just tide you over until the shiny new S24 series arrives.

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