one ui 6 beta update
one ui 6 beta update

Samsung’s One UI 6 Beta Update – Say Goodbye to Unwanted Updates!

Samsung has just rolled out an exciting update for its Galaxy S23 users, known as the One UI 6 Beta 3. This update, after making its debut in Germany and the USA, has now landed in India. While it brings a host of new features to the Galaxy S23, there’s one hidden gem that’s been quietly making waves.

In the latest One UI 6 Beta 3 update, Samsung is giving users more control over their system apps when updating alongside the latest Android updates. This is a big deal because in previous versions of One UI, Samsung would simply update all your system apps without giving you a say in the matter. Even if you were aware that a particular app had bugs in a newer version, you were powerless to prevent the update. But with the introduction of this new user control feature in One UI 6, Galaxy owners can finally take charge of their app updates when installing the new Android version.

So, how does this nifty feature work? Within the Software Update section, you’ll find a subtle message that says, “Some apps can be updated along with this software update.” Right below it, you’ll spot the ‘Choose apps to update’ link. Clicking on this link takes you to a new screen where you have the power to select which apps will get updated alongside the system update. It’s as simple as checking the boxes next to the apps you want to update. Any app left unselected will require manual updating.

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But here’s the twist: since these apps are also available on both the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store, and both of these stores offer the option to automatically update apps, there’s a chance that the apps may still update automatically based on your settings in those respective app stores. However, this subtle yet significant feature promises to significantly streamline the Android OS update process. Why? Because now you have the flexibility to update apps at a later time, ensuring that you stay in control of your device’s software.

In a world where software updates are a crucial part of keeping your device running smoothly and securely, this newfound control over system apps is a welcome addition for Galaxy S23 users. It means you can make informed decisions about which apps to update when, without any unwelcome surprises. With One UI 6, Samsung is putting the power back in your hands, making the Android update experience more customizable and user-friendly than ever before. So, keep an eye out for this update if you’re a Galaxy S23 user and enjoy the newfound freedom it brings to your device.

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