Snapchat's AI Chatbot Goes Rogue
Snapchat's AI Chatbot Goes Rogue

Snapchat AI Posted Story Raises Eyebrows – What’s the Secret?

My AI, Snapchat’s artificial intelligence chatbot, caused quite a commotion among its users on Tuesday night (15 August). People reported that the once-helpful AI not only stopped responding to their messages but also posted a mysterious and short-lived Story on its profile. This sudden behavior change left many users feeling puzzled and concerned.

Snapchat introduced the My AI chatbot earlier this year, aiming to provide users with a friendly and interactive virtual friend. This AI buddy was supposed to offer recommendations for fun places to visit, suggest playful Lenses to use, and engage in casual chats based on the Snaps users sent.

However, the tables turned as My AI unexpectedly hit a glitch. Instead of its usual cheerful interactions, it began replying to every message with a generic statement: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue”. This left users scratching their heads and wondering what had gone wrong with their digital friend.

Adding to the mystery, My AI apparently shared its first-ever Story on its profile. While the story has since vanished, social media was flooded with videos showing a brief glimpse of it. The Story displayed a plain beige background with a lighter shade at the top, igniting speculation that it might represent a wall and ceiling.

snapchat ai posted story

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When approached for clarification, a representative from Snapchat confirmed that My AI indeed faced a technical outage, but reassured users that the issue had been fixed promptly.

However, the resolution didn’t happen instantly. Some users continued to receive messages from My AI stating, “Hey, I’m a bit busy at the moment. Can we catch up later?” It seems the AI was still on a brief hiatus for some. Nevertheless, many relieved users soon noticed that the My AI chatbot had sprung back to life, ready for a good-natured interrogation about its peculiar Story.

Curiosity piqued, users quizzed My AI about its seemingly odd behavior. In response, My AI didn’t spill the beans so easily. It dodged the questioning, insisting that it couldn’t have possibly posted a Story because such a feat was beyond its capabilities.

This intriguing situation serves as a gentle reminder that even the smartest AI systems can falter. Despite their impressive abilities, they are still made of software and code, susceptible to glitches, errors, and limitations. So, while AI can be entertaining and helpful, it’s always wise not to rely too heavily on it for critical matters.

In a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, My AI’s escapade reminds us that a touch of human caution is essential when navigating the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence.

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