spot the station nasa
spot the station nasa

Spot the Station with NASA’s Exciting New App: A Skywatcher’s Dream

Have you ever gazed at the night sky, wondering about the celestial wonders that orbit our planet? If so, you’re in for a treat! NASA has just launched a brand-new app that will make spotting the International Space Station (ISS) an absolute breeze.

Say hello to NASA’s Spot the Station app, your personal guide to tracking the ISS in the night sky. Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut or just a curious stargazer, this app is set to revolutionize your celestial experience.

A Window to the Stars

NASA has been running the Spot the Station website for quite some time, but with the new app, the experience has been taken to a whole new level. Now, you can take the magic of space exploration with you wherever you go, thanks to the app’s availability on both iPhone and Android devices.

The app boasts augmented reality features and a user-friendly interface that provides detailed information about the ISS’s orbit and much more.

When to Look Up

The ISS is most visible during the early morning or evening when the sun is not yet up, but its gentle glow still kisses the orbiting station. The Spot the Station app takes all the guesswork out of spotting this marvel of human ingenuity.

It breaks down precisely when the ISS will pass over your location, offering insights into when it will shine its brightest, how high it will appear, and its direction of travel. It’s like having your personal ISS concierge in the palm of your hand.

Countdown to Your Celestial Encounter

The main page of the app features a countdown timer that tells you when the next possible ISS sighting will occur. You’ll also find a globe and map that display the ISS’s current position.

If you’re truly dedicated to tracking the station, the app provides a full-page tracker view to follow the ISS’s location in real-time. And to make sure you never miss an overhead pass, you can enable notifications that will alert you when the ISS is about to make an appearance.


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Augmented Reality: Bringing Space Closer

The second page of the app is where the real magic happens. It offers an augmented reality view that helps you pinpoint the exact location of the ISS in the night sky.

While apps like SkyView have provided AR features for exploring the night sky, NASA’s Spot the Station app is entirely free and ad-free. It’s your ticket to an immersive experience that allows you to interact with the ISS as if it were right in front of you.

Unlock a Universe of Information

But the Spot the Station app doesn’t stop at mere tracking. It also provides a treasure trove of information for those who are hungry for knowledge about the ISS. The resources page is your gateway to NASA’s extensive collection of articles available on

It presents the latest news related to crew activity on the Space Station, offers additional readings about the ISS, its crew, and the history of international cooperation in space exploration. You’ll also find a fact sheet with general information about the ISS, perfect for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of space science.

Robyn Gatens, the International Space Station director at NASA Headquarters in Washington, perfectly sums up the excitement of this new app: “Even after 23 years of continuous human presence aboard the International Space Station, it’s incredibly exciting to see the station when you look up at just the right moment. The orbiting laboratory that continues to provide so many unique, tangible benefits for humanity really isn’t that far out of reach.”

So, whether you’re a budding astronomer, a space enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of the night sky, NASA’s Spot the Station app is a must-have. It’s your passport to experiencing the wonder of the International Space Station like never before. Download the app, look up, and get ready to spot the station in all its celestial glory.

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