Steam Deck Update HDR and VRR Support
Steam Deck Update HDR and VRR Support

Steam Deck’s Mind-Blowing New Update Unleashes HDR and VRR Magic!

Valve is rolling out a shiny new update for Steam Deck, their handheld gaming PC, and it’s packed with exciting enhancements. Picture this: you’re playing your favorite games on your Steam Deck, and suddenly, your display dazzles with stunning variable refresh rates (VRR) and HDR. But wait, there’s a catch; you’ll need a compatible external display or a nifty USB-C adapter to unlock these visual treats. The HDR feature works like magic, making your games look more vibrant and dynamic.

Now, let’s talk colors. Valve decided to give the default color rendering a makeover, making your games pop with a slightly warmer and livelier palette. If you’re not quite feeling the change, don’t worry, you can play artist and adjust the color vibrancy and temperature to your heart’s content.

But that’s not all, folks! This update brings a whole bunch of under-the-hood improvements, including updated graphics drivers. This means smoother sailing for games, and hey, even “Starfield” is benefiting from the boost. Though it’s not officially Steam Deck-verified, gamers are still diving into Bethesda’s epic space RPG on this handheld wonder.

Steam Deck Update

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Have you ever been frustrated by slow wake-up times? Well, Valve has heard your woes and promises a “slightly improved sleep resume speed.” Every second counts when you’re eager to get back into your gaming groove.

For our Linux aficionados, there’s a treat too. The underlying Arch Linux gets a facelift, complete with a fresh Plasma desktop interface. Plus, an updated Discover app store, new widgets, and a window tiling system to spruce up your Linux desktop experience.

Last but not least, the BIOS now boasts “voltage offset settings.” This means you can fine-tune your Steam Deck’s performance, whether you want to squeeze out some extra power with overclocking or be more energy-efficient with undervolting.

If you’re itching to try out all these cool features, simply head to Settings > System > System Update Channel > Preview. And don’t worry, if things get too wild and unstable in the preview channel, you can always retreat to the trusty Stable channel. Happy gaming!

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