Tarkov 0.14 Patch Notes
Tarkov 0.14 Patch Notes

Tarkov 0.14 Patch Notes: Are You Ready to Conquer Ground Zero and Face Kollontay?

Escape From Tarkov enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Tarkov with the latest 0.14 patch that brings a wave of fresh content, including a brand-new map, a formidable boss, and significant updates to the gameplay.

The highlight of the 0.14 patch is the introduction of Ground Zero, an entirely new map nestled in the heart of Tarkov’s city center. Tailored for players under level 20, this map offers a haven for newcomers, providing a safer environment where they can hone their skills without the fear of encountering high-level players. Scavengers, regardless of level, can still join the fray and explore the towering skyscrapers and bustling city life.

Streets of Tarkov welcomes a new adversary – Kollontay, a former MVD officer turned bandit boss. Patroling the Klimov Shopping Mall and the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kollontay is not to be taken lightly. Armed with his trusty police baton, he poses a formidable challenge to those brave enough to cross his path. Accompanying Kollontay are his loyal associates, Basmach and Gus, adding an extra layer of intensity to the urban battleground.

Navigating the Streets of Tarkov becomes smoother with the addition of the BTR, an armored vehicle that players can utilize for safe travel across the map. Beyond transportation, the BTR offers services like providing covering fire and even allowing players to send items back to their stash mid-raid. This inclusion promises to revolutionize looting runs, making them more efficient and strategic.

Escape From Tarkov 0.14 Patch Notes

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The Shoreline map undergoes a transformation with a visually reworked landscape, introducing a new cattle farm area that harbors smugglers and Scavs. Numerous visual and minor bugs have been ironed out, ensuring a smoother and more immersive gaming experience for Tarkov aficionados.

The gameplay experience receives a facelift with the introduction of the vaulting system, allowing players to seamlessly overcome obstacles and navigate challenging terrains. The movement system enhancements aim to make exploration more intuitive and dynamic.

One of the most significant changes comes in the form of a recoil system overhaul. While specifics are still under wraps, the developers have emphasized a more realistic and player-friendly approach. Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on player feedback and data analysis are on the horizon.

The armor system undergoes a revolutionary transformation, introducing 37 new ballistic plates that players can strategically place in their armor for customized protection. Hitboxes are now intricately designed to shield specific areas, adding a layer of realism to the game. The way armor protects you has evolved, offering a more nuanced and strategic gameplay experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the important highlights from Escape from Tarkov Patch

Category Details
New Content Ground Zero: New location in Tarkov center for beginner players (levels 1-20).

New Boss – Kollontay: A former MVD officer with a gang around Klimov Shopping Mall.

Kaban’s new guards: Basmach and Gus join Boss Kaban.

Shoreline Rework: Visual overhaul, new areas, activities, quests, and optimizations.

New Weapons: Including KBP 9A-91, KBP VSK-94, SIG MCX SPEAR, Degtyarev RPD, Degtyarev RPDN.

Updated SKS model and animations.

Achievements & Hall of Fame Achievement System: Earn achievements for various objectives, viewable on the character screen.

Hall of Fame: Display mementos, bonus for dogtags of players killed by PMC.

New Hitbox & Armor System Hitboxes: Detailed hit zones for head, thorax, stomach, and pelvis.

Armor Plates: 37 plates with specific parameters, slots in vests/carriers, durability affects appearance.

Integrated Armor: Helmets and body armor have separate zones.

Balancing & Repairs Balancing: Adjustments to armor materials, trader prices for ammo, armor, and quests.

Repairs: Priority distribution for body armor and helmets, enhancement chances.

Interface & Flea Market Interface: Durability display for armor zones and plates, additional info in the inspection window.

Flea Market: Changes in plate availability, ballistic plates can’t be sold, added to traders.

Vaulting & Obstacle Interaction Vaulting: Two types – climbing and remaining on an obstacle, vaulting over an obstacle. Settings for auto or hotkey vaulting.

Obstacle Interaction: Character stops if hitting a wall while walking or sprinting.

Shoulder Transition & Controls Shoulder Transition: Move firearms from right to left shoulder and back, useful for firing from behind cover.

Controls: Reset to default, new actions added including “Shoulder Transition” and “Vaulting”.

Preset Ammo Loading Ammo Loading Presets: Save settings for loading ammo into magazines sequentially. Up to 30 unique presets.

Viewable Profiles: View other player’s profiles, including gear, stats, achievements, and favorites.

New Recoil Mechanics Improved Recoil: More realistic and comfortable, with flexible settings for balance adjustments. Focus on semi-auto and short burst shooting.
Lightkeeper Services Sacred Amulet, Rogue Support, Zryachiy Support: Services provided after completing Lightkeeper quests. Protection from cultists, friendly Rogues, and Zryachiy’s support.
Weapon Rack & Viewable Profiles Weapon Rack: Add displayed weapons to favorites, displayed in the profile.

Viewable Profiles: See other player’s gear, stats, achievements, favorite weapons, and items in the Hall of Fame.

AI Behavior & QOL AI Behavior: Adjusted peaceful and combat behavior when moving within a location.

QOL: Visual effects for painkillers changed, door to expanded Hideout part always open, free camera in Hideout.

BTR (Armored Vehicle) BTR-82A: Added to Streets of Tarkov with various services (Taxi, Move items to stash, Covering fire). Neutral unless attacked, cost depends on faction, Scav karma, Charisma skill, and travel distance.
Various Fixes Visual Fixes: Streets of Tarkov and Shoreline, spawn points, damage registration, AI behavior, sound issues, camera behavior, compatibility, bunker sound issue, and more.

Embark on a journey of achievements with the newly introduced system that rewards players for completing various in-game objectives. The achievements persist through wipes, providing a tangible sense of progression for dedicated players.

As the servers undergo maintenance to integrate the 0.14 patch, players are encouraged to dive into the extensive patch notes to grasp the magnitude of these exciting changes. The Escape From Tarkov community can anticipate a richer, more immersive experience as they explore the new map, confront formidable foes, and adapt to the revamped systems introduced in this groundbreaking patch.

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