Twitch allows direct streaming to other platforms
Twitch allows direct streaming to other platforms

Twitch Allows Direct Streaming to Other Platforms

Twitch has just made a big move in the streaming world, giving its content creators the green light to broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time. This exciting announcement came during TwitchCon, along with a bundle of other updates.

Before this change, streamers were somewhat limited when it came to broadcasting on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but now Twitch is opening the doors to a wider range of streaming possibilities, with some caveats, of course. The caveat being that this newfound freedom doesn’t apply to streamers under exclusive contracts with Twitch.

Several TwitchCon attendees shared their experiences on social media –

Lately, some big-name Twitch streamers, including xQc, Amouranth, and Nickmercs, have inked significant deals with Twitch competitors, such as Kick. The interesting part is that xQc’s and Nickmercs’ deals aren’t exclusive, which means they can also stream on other platforms. Even Ninja, the legendary streamer, parted ways with Twitch and its exclusive contract in September 2022 so that he could go live on multiple platforms.

So, what are the guidelines for this new simulcasting policy? Twitch has a few rules in place. First, the quality of the stream on Twitch should be on par with that on other platforms. Second, streamers are advised not to share links to their Twitch community during simulcasts on other platforms. They can still share links to external websites on their channel’s About pages but not to their other simulcasts while they are live on Twitch. Lastly, streamers cannot use third-party services to merge chat conversations across platforms.


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Twitch is also working on a feature that will allow streamers to indicate that they are simulcasting, making it easier for their audiences to keep track of their multi-platform adventures.

In addition to this exciting development, Twitch is ramping up its off-service conduct policy. The company is now taking a stand against doxxing and swatting, aiming to provide more protection for its streamers. This update was triggered by a recent controversy involving YouTuber Jacksfilms, who accused SSSniperWolf of doxxing him on an Instagram story. As a result, YouTube decided to temporarily demonetize SSSniperWolf’s channel, and the content creator issued an apology.

Twitch is also making some changes to its product lineup. Their Guest Star feature, which lets streamers host co-streams with others, will be renamed “Stream Together” and will soon gain new features, including the ability to merge chats. Twitch is also testing a Discovery Feed that operates much like TikTok, showcasing live channels to users. Plus, Twitch’s alerts system will soon support a streamer’s custom animated emotes, making notifications even more engaging.

These updates mark an exciting moment in the world of streaming, and they are sure to shake things up in the best way possible for both streamers and viewers alike.

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