WhatsApp's New Channels Feature
WhatsApp's New Channels Feature

WhatsApp Takes a Page from Telegram with Exciting Channels Feature

WhatsApp is stepping up its game by introducing a feature called “Channels,” which is quite reminiscent of what Telegram offers. This exciting feature is now spreading its wings to over 150 countries. Initially, it was only available in Colombia and Singapore and primarily for select organizations. But now, it’s opening up to a much wider audience.

So, what’s the deal with Channels? Well, it’s a way for you to stay connected and get updates from your favorite creators, organizations, and brands all in one place. Imagine subscribing to a channel, just like you would on Telegram, and getting all the latest updates from them. Even The Verge has its own channel you can follow!

But that’s not all – WhatsApp is spicing things up with some nifty enhancements. There’s a better directory, which helps you find channels based on countries, and it sorts them for you, making it super convenient. Plus, now you can react to posts with emojis – a fun way to engage with the content.


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Admins in charge of these channels also have more power in their hands. They can now edit their updates for up to a month before the platform removes them.

And if you’re wondering who’s jumping on this Channels bandwagon, it’s some big names like Olivia Rodrigo, MLB (Major League Baseball), and yes, even Mark Zuckerberg is joining in. WhatsApp isn’t stopping here; they plan to add more features based on user feedback. They’re also opening the door for anyone to create their own channel in the coming months.

So, if you don’t see Channels on your WhatsApp yet, don’t fret. You can join a waitlist on your mobile, and they’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. Exciting times ahead for WhatsApp users!

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