Windows 11 adds support for additional archive formats
Windows 11 adds support for additional archive formats

What’s New in Windows 11? Archive Format Support and So Much More!

Windows 11 just got a cool upgrade that’s making file management a breeze! In the latest KB5031455 Preview cumulative update, Microsoft has waved its magic wand and added support for 11 new file archive formats. So, what does that mean for you? Well, it means that Windows 11 now plays nice with files like RAR, 7-Zip, Tar, and GZ archives.

Here’s the scoop: This nifty feature is part of an optional update, so you’ll need to give it a nudge. Head over to your Windows Settings, hit up Windows Update, and click ‘Check for Updates.’ When you see the ‘Download and install’ link, go ahead and click it to start the magic.

But wait, there’s a small catch: you won’t yet be able to unlock password-protected archives with this new feature. Microsoft’s lips are sealed when it comes to that, so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for the future.

Now, here’s the techy bit: Microsoft used the open-source libarchive project to make this happen. And the cool part is that this opens the door for more formats down the road, like LZH and XAR. So, who knows what other surprises Windows 11 has in store?

Windows 11 Version 23H2 Exciting New Features

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But that’s not all, folks! This update also rolls out a bunch of other goodies. We’re talking about Moment 4, which brings a whopping 72 new features to Windows 11. Picture an overhauled File Explorer, a shiny new Backup app, a built-in Passkey Manager, and the AI-powered Copilot for Windows. It’s like a tech wonderland out there!

And in case you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, well, archive formats like ZIP, 7-Zip, and RAR are essential for managing files on Windows. ZIP has been around forever, but 7-Zip and WinRAR were the go-to guys for handling trickier formats like 7-Zip (.7z), RAR (.rar), or gz (.gz) files.

Even that mysterious .gz format, often linked to Linux, is stepping into the Windows spotlight thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux. So, with these new archive superpowers, you’re all set for some smooth file wrangling on your Windows 11 machine.

So, there you have it, folks! Windows 11 just got a little bit cooler with support for 11 new file archive formats. It’s like giving your computer a superpower cape! Go ahead and update your system to enjoy this fantastic new feature and a bunch of other cool stuff in Moment 4. Windows 11 is on a roll!

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