WordPad is no longer a part of Windows
WordPad is no longer a part of Windows

Microsoft Waves Goodbye to WordPad – A Windows Icon Steps Aside

In a move that’s raising some eyebrows, Microsoft has decided to say goodbye to WordPad, a faithful companion to Windows users for almost three decades. Yes, you heard it right; WordPad is getting the boot from future Windows releases. But before you start lamenting its departure, Microsoft has a substitute in mind: the ever-mighty Microsoft Word, the premium word processor that’s been the heavyweight champion of the Windows world.

WordPad, which has been nestled within Windows since the iconic Windows 95, is no longer receiving any fancy updates. Microsoft recently made it official by announcing, “WordPad is no longer being updated and will be removed in a future release of Windows.” It seems like Microsoft believes that if you need to craft rich, formatted documents in formats like .doc and .rtf, you should turn to Microsoft Word, which boasts a treasure trove of features.

But what about those simple, no-frills .txt files? Well, Microsoft has a plan for those too. They suggest turning to Windows Notepad, which, by the way, just got a cool upgrade with features like autosave and tab restoration. The Notepad got its makeover in 2018, after languishing in the dark corners of Windows for years. And with Windows 11, it even got some nifty tab functionality.

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Now, it’s true that WordPad did receive a facelift when Windows 7 introduced the Ribbon UI, but since a minor overhaul with Windows 8, it’s been pretty quiet on the development front. So, brace yourselves, because WordPad is set to bid us adieu in an upcoming Windows release. And word on the street is that the likely contender for this removal will be Windows 12, which is anticipated to hit the scene in 2024, armed with a bunch of AI-powered goodies.

In the end, it’s a bittersweet farewell to WordPad, a trusty companion for so many Windows users. But as technology marches forward, Microsoft is making way for more robust tools like Microsoft Word and the revamped Notepad. Change can be tough, but it often leads to innovation, and we’re eager to see what the future holds for Windows users.

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