X App's Logo Switch Bird to Distressed Look
X App's Logo Switch Bird to Distressed Look

Elon Musk’s X App Logo Shifts to Edgy ’90s Style

Have you observed Elon Musk’s most recent move with X, formerly known as Twitter? They have completely redesigned their logo, but let’s just say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The original X logo had replaced the classic Twitter bird with a sleek X that seemed to have taken inspiration from the Monotype font. But now, Musk’s X has gone for a total change by giving their logo a ’90s distressed jeans kind of vibe.

Imagine this: the new logo is like looking at a pair of worn-out black jeans from back in the ’90s. You know, that kind of vintage, grungy feel? It’s certainly a head-turner, but why a microblogging app would want to resemble a pair of jeans, no one really knows. The logo transition has been happening for a little while, with some people spotting it flicker between the old and new designs before finally settling into this new, distressed look.

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If you’ve been using the app on your phone, you’ve probably already seen the change. The desktop version, however, is still holding onto the old design for now. Personally, I’m not exactly loving the new style, but hey, I’m no expert in graphic design.

The bold X sitting on a distressed background gives off a vibe that’s a bit like what you might call ‘cool according to the bros.’ And it fits Musk’s recent vibe pretty well too. But let’s be real, does a platform where we share news and jokes really need to look all edgy and worn-out? It’s a question worth pondering.

Believe it or not, some folks online have actually been taken by surprise by this new logo. They thought their screens were dirty or broken because of that distressed effect. Talk about a funny side effect of a logo change, right? It’s a clear example of how Musk tends to make big decisions on the fly.

So, here’s the thing: time will tell whether this new X logo makes its way onto the desktop version or if we’ll see yet another design change down the line. Until then, let’s embrace the ’90s distressed jeans vibes and see where it takes us!

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